All of us like to know the unknown, catch a glimpse of the future or maybe even try and communicate with the souls. Most people get a psychic reading at least once in their lives. Some do it for the fun of it but some of us really believe in psychic readings. For those who seriously believe in psychic readings and exhibit psychic dependency, a question that comes to mind is “how will I find an accurate psychic and what is the process involved”?

What am I Looking For?

Firstly, you have to decide on the type of reading that you want. It is for you to figure out whether you want to facilitate reading over phone, or through online chat or face-to-face. Once this is decided, you then need to find the best psychic who matches your criteria.

How to Find Reputable Psychics

bad psychics go out of business ...

#1 Established Websites
Usually good and accurate psychics have an established website with their profiles posted on it for the clients, along with their areas of specialization. A quick online search will be useful in zeroing down on psychics with abilities that match your requirements. It is best if you choose more than one psychic. That way you will have more choices. Once this is done, please take the time to go through the client reviews posted on their websites. This will give you a tentative idea of the way the psychic conducts the readings and the levels of accuracy as reflected by client satisfaction.

#2 Through Referrals
If your friend or a relative had a positive experience when visiting a particular psychic reader, it is almost given that you too would like to visit the same psychic, but unless you ask you will never know. So do not be afraid to ask friends or family to recommend readers that they have used and have been satisfied with. You would be surprised to know that visiting readers for spiritual consultations is no longer a rarity these days and as such do not be afraid to ask for referrals.

#3 Visiting New-Age Shops
You can visit new age shops which at times can be a great resource for good and accurate readers. These shops often have a reading corner, where a gifted individual offers psychic services to those visiting the shop and charges a fee for the same. The fee is generally shared with the shop. The shops always screen the psychic readers operating from within their premises very well to maintain and enhance their reputation in this field where there are a lot of con artists as well. You can ask the employees of new age shops about the reputation of the psychics there and also find out if the areas of specialization match your requirements. Also, do observe if the shop is deserted or has a lot of customers. This will tell you a lot about the reputation of the shop and the ability of the psychic offering services within the shop.

Traits of a Good Psychic

The other thing to remember is often the most expensive psychic on the block need not necessarily be the best one. Price does not necessarily assure you of a great psychic reader. Some of the characteristics that make a person an accurate medium are: years of practice and understanding of the art, natural talent, training, empathy, intuitiveness and ethical behaviour. All these traits generally make a good psychic reader.

A Few Things to Consider When Visiting a Psychic

Check Credentials
Once you have decided on a particular psychic, before visiting, check the credentials. Find out if you know anyone who has visited the psychic and get their feedback. And it is advisable to avoid taking the “free” route to psychic reading because usually the genuineness of such readers is questionable. Also readers with pretentious names usually tend to be fakes so trust your common sense when choosing the psychic who best meets your needs.

  • Establish Connection
    Another thing to keep in mind is that an accurate reader will usually try and establish a connection with your energy so that they can answer your queries. This is also your chance of establishing a rapport with the reader. At this juncture if you feel that you are not gelling with the reader do not proceed further with the reading. After all, psychic abilities are gifts and cannot be expected to work accurately at all times. An ethical reader will let you know if he or she cannot help you because of a lack of connection.
  • Beware of Frauds
    Some of the typical tricks of the trade that a fraudulent psychic will use are asking for your zodiac and then rewording the day’s astrology section for you, a false psychic will also often claim that you have a curse on you or on your family. As curses and hexes are non-existent, statements like this mean that you have gone to a fake psychic. Also, spells, potions, candles and other paraphernalia to aid you in getting what you desire is a sure sign that rather than an accurate reader you have gone to a con artist.
  • Truthful and Reliable Answers
    An accurate and a true psychic will, on the other hand, provide you with real answers¬–truthful and honest and in some cases even blunt. That’s because they are ethically providing you with a service. An accurate and a real psychic will give you both positive and negative news and try to give you a truthful reading rather than something that you want to hear, or something that sounds too good to be true.

If you keep these tips in mind while choosing your reader you are sure to have a great session with the reader, rather than one that you will forget the moment you leave the psychic’s presence.

Pic by Kevin Jarrett ( edited by myself)
CC BY 2.0
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