Tue, 23 Jan 2018 10:03:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Local Psychics Vs. Online Psychics Tue, 23 Jan 2018 09:25:56 +0000 Choosing a psychic can be a decision that is made at the spur of the moment. Maybe two friends just want to try something different and fun. Maybe someone teetering on the brink of losing a relationship or a career is reaching out to a professional in desperation — and they’ve got nothing left so they are willing to try something different.

However, it is just as often that someone takes the time to thoroughly research the psychic that he or she tries instead of just a random Google search. For those people, there are several ways to determine if the psychic is a good fit. The first thing they would need to decide is whether they are going to talk to a psychic online or locally in person.

There are pros and cons to each decision and there’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer. Both types of sessions offer unique benefits and it will really depend on the individual on which option is best for their individual situation.

Here are some reasons why someone may want to visit a psychic in general:

● To get help with a current situation
● To determine what future situations they may be able to avoid
● To get clarity on family, relationships, love, career or health
● To make decisions about relocation, a pet or lifestyle changes
● To communicate with a lost loved one
● Curiousity

No matter what your reason is, choosing whether to access a psychic online or head to a brick and mortar building is completely up to you. Regardless of who or how you choose, you want to avoid fraudulent psychics that are trying to scam you and ask for huge sums of money or those “psychics” who are just faking for a paycheck.

Local Psychics

● Convenience A local psychic can be convenient if they are located just down the street from your job or your home or anyplace else you frequently visit. A local psychic may be good to visit with if you want to be completely immersed in their physical environment or if you just want to get out of your own home.
● Advantage of Touch When you’re meeting with a local psychic, you have the advantage of touch. Touching during a session can assist with good or bad vibes that help you make a decision about the psychic or about your specific situation.
● Physical Environment Physically going to visit the psychic allows him or her to entirely set the tone of your session. It may make you feel better to visit the psychic at their place of business.
● No Internet Connection Required If for some reason you don’t have Internet access, you don’t have to worry about missing your session because you can’t log on.

Online Psychics

● Convenience Online psychics may be just a bit more convenient that local psychics, because you can access someone just about around the clock. Regardless of the time zone, no matter the weather or the cost of gas prices, you can access a psychic anytime in the comfort of your own home.
● Accessibility Online psychic chat rooms will keep longer hours than a brick and mortar business.
● Multiple Psychics Available Through Oranum Psychic Global Community, you can access and research more than 2,000 psychics at the same time, in one virtual place for you to choose from. Doing research on 2,000 local psychics will probably take more time and money than the average client wants want to spend, but such a database can be accessed online with just one click.
● Online Reputation Online psychics may have more an online reputation because that’s where more of their business. You can readily access reviews and what other people are saying via online businesses. It may be a little tougher to get that information from brick and mortar businesses if their clients are not used to logging online to leave reviews — whether good or bad.
● Privacy Instead of wondering who may be able to hear you in the next room, your session with an online psychic will have the privacy controlled by you, in the space of your own home.
● Comfort Along with the privacy of your own home, you may be more comfortable in your own space if you are at all nervous or anxious about meeting with a psychic. You may feel better about your physical safety as well.

In Conclusion

Both local and online psychics have reasons that people may prefer them for sessions. What matters most is the comfort of the client in choosing someone to help guide them through troubling problems in their lives.

Speaking with a psychic should not make you feel more troubled or anxious, however. Whatever path you chose, remember that you should trust the psychic and feel comfortable talking to him or her about your problems.

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Past Life Regression: Can it Help Your Day-to-Day Routine? Tue, 23 Jan 2018 09:25:55 +0000 Sometimes, you sit at home, unable to motivate yourself to do anything. You turn on the TV and look for something to watch, but nothing interests you, so you sit there in a lethargic, melancholy state, and you just don’t know why. Nothing has happened to make you this way, but yet here you are. What could be causing this depression? There are those out there who believe that unexplained feelings in this life could be caused by things that happened to you a lifetime ago … literally.

Getting to the root of these problems can be difficult if something happened in a past life. As a person suffering from symptoms, you may not even be aware that you have had any past lives and you will not know how to access them. This is where past life regression comes in.

Using hypnosis techniques, a therapist can help you gain access to your past life memories and help you use them to make your everyday life a little better.


Past lives and reincarnation have been a central part of religions for thousands of years. Many people believe that our lives are lived in order to learn lessons from the world, and carry that forward to future lives in an effort to reach a higher being. Beliefs such as this mean that the bad things that happen to you in the past can affect your life just as much as the good.

The idea of past life regression is not a new one. During the 2nd century BCE, an Indian writer, Patañjali, believed that the human soul could become burdened through the accumulation of karma from previous lives. Patañjali believed that, by regression to past lives, a person could help relieve current problems by coming to an understanding about your souls experiences. This belief carries over to modern day therapy techniques.


Some people may think that learning about their past lives is crucial to solving their problems in this one. This is not necessarily the case. Today, you have all of the tools and information you need to overcome any problems you may be having with your life. There are plenty of books, therapists and friends that can help you solve your problems. What past life regression can do for you, though, is offer you a clue as to what is wrong. Finding those clues can make overcoming the obstacles in your life much easier.

Other people may be interested in regression just out of curiosity. Perhaps they believe in past lives, and want to find out what they were in another life. Others may be non-believers or are skeptical. These people want to try the therapy to find out what all the fuss is about. Whatever the reason, there is no harm in looking into a regression session. Even if you don’t fully believe, you may still come away with a little insight into yourself.


• So, you’ve decided to take the leap of faith and look into your past lives. Now, you will want to find a therapist who does past life regressions. Where can you find one? Well it turns out it isn’t that hard:

Find a Hypnotherapist. Many conventional hypnotherapists are also able to conduct a past life regression. Some won’t talk about the sessions unless asked directly. It is still considered to be controversial, so there may be some hesitation to talk on the part of the therapist.
Ask Around. The best way to find a good hypnotherapist is to ask about them. Talk to friends or family who may have gone to a session and find out from them whether the therapist cmay be a fit for you. You can also look online for customer reviews. Try to find a hypnotherapist with a large number of positive reviews.
Talk to the Therapists. Calling and talking to the therapist can give you a better idea if they are a good fit for you. Do they make you feel comfortable? Do they answer your questions to your satisfaction?
Book your Appointment. Once you find a therapist you like, go ahead and book your appointment. You have taken your first steps to better your quality of life.


Now that you have booked your appointment, you want to know what happens during the session. Sessions can take a fair amount of time (over 90 minutes), so make sure that you leave plenty of time on your schedule to be at the session on time, and allow for the session to run long. Not having to worry about being somewhere else can help you relax and get the most out of your time.

When you arrive, the following things happen:

Get to Know Each Other. The therapist and the client talk to each other for a short time in an effort to get to know one another, and built some trust and familiarity.
Relaxation. The therapist will create an environment that allows the patient to enter a relaxed state. Being relaxed makes it easier to enter a trance state.
Focus. You will be asked to focus on the reason you came for the therapy session in the first place.
• Explore. The therapist and patient begin exploring past lives. The feelings associated with events in the past are also explored to help give some insight into your current life.
Discuss the Experiences. After the session is complete, you and the therapist can discuss what you experienced while regressed. During this discussion, you will receive some insight into your past and present, hopefully helping you resolve the issues that brought you to the hypnotherapist in the first place.

While past life regression is not for everyone, it can be a useful tool to help you understand some issues that you may not have been aware of. You will be taking part in customs and beliefs that have been around for thousands of years and, whether you’re a believe or not, you will know that you have taken part in something very old and sacred.

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Top Questions a Baby Psychic Can Answer Tue, 23 Jan 2018 09:25:52 +0000 There is no doubt about the fact that having a baby is going to be one of the most important experiences of your entire life. Unlike those other experiences, though, this life-changing event is one you can actually plan for. This doesn’t always necessarily mean it’s easier to deal with though, as all the events surrounding pregnancy are often very stressful, especially for women who have never had a child before. As with other important events, though, a psychic can help. This is especially true if you contact a baby psychic—one who is especially gifted in using their gift to help women deal with their pregnancy. While pregnancy comes with a myriad of emotions, don’t let them mystify or overwhelm you. The following reasons are why it pays to contact a baby psychic for help.

State of Your Pregnancy

Before all the other questions come, most women worry about if they’re pregnant in the first place. Even though there are pregnancy tests available, these sometimes aren’t an option. For example, some women are simply embarrassed to go out and by them; they may come from a culture where that would be looked down upon. Other women aren’t far enough along yet where a test would even register. So they sit anxious for days or even weeks wondering their status.
A baby psychic can often help you get the answers you’re looking for in this department. Furthermore, they can look into the status of your pregnancy long after it’s been confirmed. It’s only normal for women to worry so much about the health of their unborn child. While going to the doctor’s office can help (and you should certainly always go when scheduled), it’s often easier to simply call a baby psychic to be reassured everything is ok.

The Gender of Your Child

Obviously, one of the major questions that surround a pregnancy is the gender of the child. For one thing, it affects your planning plenty. It will make a difference regarding what name you give the child, what color room they’ll have, etc. Plus, most parents just really want to know. It brings them one step closer to feeling like they’ve met this important human being.
Such a basic question—albeit an important one—is usually well within the wheelhouse of what a baby psychic can answer. They simply tell you male or female and you get to celebrate and begin planning.
Also, you could be having twins or triplets, meaning there are both genders involved. Either way, a baby psychic can figure it out.

The Due Date

Another huge and common question regarding your pregnancy is going to be the due date. This is one of the first pieces of information doctors can usually provide, but it’s not always this way. Sometimes, they’re simply incorrect. They can’t see the countless factors that could affect the delivery. However, this information is no less important. So speaking with a baby psychic to get this date could make a huge difference.

Significant Dates

The due date isn’t the only significant date you’ll want to know about. It’s tough to think about, but there are a number of different complications that could come up during your pregnancy. That doesn’t mean they’re life threatening to you or the baby, just dates you want to see coming. Sometimes, it may just mean a particularly bad bout of morning sickness. Other times, it might be that you’ll be feeling your baby kick for the first time. The date may also be the first time you feel contractions but don’t go into labor or when you do go into labor, even though the birth won’t happen for a day or so.
Knowing these dates are coming is a huge advantage. For example, if you know a significant date is coming up, you might want to take work off or not plan a big trip. That night you may want to stay in, instead of having people over, etc. While the psychic may be able to give you important information surrounding that date, just knowing it’s coming up can do a lot for you.

How Many More to Expect

Baby psychics can even look into and reveal the number of children you’re having. Aside from knowing if you’re having triplets or not, they can also tell you if there will be more children to come in the future and even their gender and when to expect them.
Not only is this information amazing to have, it’s also important to help you plan. You may want to start renovations now, while you can afford it, before that next baby shows up in a few years.

Who the Father Is

Sometimes women may not be sure who the father of their child is. This is definitely important information they’d want to find out, preferably before the baby is born. While paternity tests can happen later, knowing who the father is during the pregnancy is ideal. Again, this is just one more important piece of information you can receive from a baby psychic and it will make all the difference.

Other Pertinent Information

There is no end to the questions you may have for a baby psychic. A lot of information surrounds this joyous event. Sometimes, your questions may not even be that consequential. It’s just nice to speak to someone about your baby and receive some comfort about concerns that could be nagging at you.
A lot of times, women come back from a doctor’s checkup and just have a funny feeling. Maybe they didn’t like the way their doctor said something or the look a nurse had on their face. Does this necessarily mean anything? No, not at all. But having a psychic look into it can make all the difference.
So if you’re currently pregnant or trying to be, give some thought to contacting a baby psychic. They not only have the gift you want in a psychic, but their specialty is one of the most important areas of your life.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Psychics Tue, 23 Jan 2018 09:25:50 +0000 Psychics are not scary. Some people who fear the supernatural may believe otherwise, but the truth is that the vast majority of psychics are kind and compassionate people. In fact, many psychics are classified as empaths, which means that they have more capacity to understand the thoughts and feelings of others than most people do.

In addition to understanding these thoughts and feelings, they are able to care about these musings and emotions! This is part of the deep, spiritual and mysterious connection which allows them to see into their client’s pasts, presents and futures…
To help you learn more about why gifted psychics are comforting and safe people to connect with, let’s talk about five reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of psychics…

They Are Here to Help

Psychics who offer their services on and offline are there for your benefit. There are there to assist you with gaining insight into what’s happening in your life and what’s likely to happen in the future. This kind of assistance is invaluable and this is why world leaders, celebrities and tycoons have been using the services of psychics for centuries. The key to finding a helpful psychic is looking for one with a great reputation. Good psychics will receive renown and acclaim due to the accuracy of their readings. You should be able to find a lot of reviews of psychics online and many of them will be authentic. Looking for this kind of feedback will be very helpful.

They Have Special Gifts

As we mentioned earlier, psychics are often empaths, which means that they can feel the feelings of other people. They have heightened sensitivity and intuition and often experience premonitions via dreams and visions. If you lack this sort of special insight, using a psychic’s services will allow you to see what’s to come. Those who have particular worries about their love lives or financial lives (or about health or anything else) will benefit from the special gifts of psychics.

They are Professionals

Most psychics who work online earn their daily bread and butter via their psychic readings. For this reason, they definitely aren’t scary – they need you and you need them, and this means that they will typically provide professional and competent service which is prompt and polite. They have special gifts, yes, but they are also businesspeople and this is yet another reason not to be afraid of them.

They Aren’t Con Artists

It’s true that there may be a few shady operators and bad apples out there. However, the most popular and highly-rated psychics are definitely not con artists. They provide uncanny readings which hit home for a range of clients all over the world. When you choose a psychic with a strong reputation, you’ll be amazed at how “knowing” this person is. It will feel as though they have known you for years!

They are Open About Themselves

The best psychics provide a lot of information about themselves at their official websites. This includes their names, biographical information and data related to what services they provide and how they came to recognize that they have special gifts, such as the ability to see into the pasts, presents and futures of other people. Since good psychics are open about whom they are, and honest about their lives, careers and abilities, they may be trusted.
As you can see, it all comes down to choosing psychics with strong reputations. So, performing a little “due diligence” before you select a psychic will be very helpful. Once you’ve done this and found the right psychic, there will be nothing to be afraid of.

Hopefully, our guide has given you some valuable insight into the services that psychics provide. Now, you’ll be ready to experience the wonders of a live reading from a gifted psychic! No matter what’s on your mind, your psychic should be able to feel your vibes, look into your background, explore your life in the present and give you clues as to what’s going to happen in the future.

Most psychics charge affordable rates, so there’s really no reason not to treat yourself to a reading. You may find that it’s an excellent tool for planning your life and preparing for what lies ahead.

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Why on Earth should i “Find my own Spirit” ? How ? Tue, 23 Jan 2018 09:25:48 +0000 No matter what blessings life throws your way, occasionally you’ll find yourself dissatisfied with life. Whether you’re frustrated with your eight-hour day job or unhappy in your romantic relationship, sometimes life feels like it’s no longer worth living. That’s why it’s important to find your own spirit in life, or something to establish a basis for who you are and how you want to live. Read on to learn a helpful strategy for creating a Find Your Own Spirit Guide.

What is a Find Your Own Spirit Guide?

It’s a written strategy you can use to improve self-esteem, establish confidence, and take control over your life. Why settle for less when you can develop a daily strategy to exceed your own expectations? Instead of following in someone else’s footsteps, you need to create a list of things that matter most to you.

Do you place significance in your spiritual beliefs? Then you need a plan for setting time aside for prayer and meditation. Are exercise and healthy eating all you need to bring meaning to your life? Include that in your guide as well. Take note of daily activities, goals, thoughts, and feelings. Somewhere hidden within the day-to-day chaos is a spirit set to guide you through life.

How to Create A Find Your Own Spirit Guide

  1. Take note of anything that gives you that spark you need to keep going. Maybe showing a stranger an act of kindness once a day is enough to make you feel better about yourself. Record how these acts make you feel and what you’ll do differently next time. If there’s something you do that makes you feel special, write it down in your spirit guide and look at it every morning. The longer the list, the better your chances of finding a spirit unique to your character.
  2. Prolonged stress is a recipe for unhealthy living. Whatever makes you angry, depressed, frustrated, anxious, or less confident needs to disappear from your life. Record these stressors on a separate sheet of paper and immediately draw a line through each to remind yourself it’s time to rid your life of stress. Afterwards, return to Step 1 and enjoy the sensation of letting go.
  3. Sharing time with others is an ideal way to inform people of your newfound spirit. Instead of leaving work and spending your evenings alone, invite coworkers to dinner and offer to pick up most of the tab. Rather than worry about impressing others, show friends, family, and colleagues your true self and let your spirit shine everywhere you go.
  4. Competition is a great way to harness your inner spirit and show others you’re a team player. Jot down a list of talents, skills, and hobbies in which you’re especially gifted. Then record a plan for engaging in healthy competition. It’s not about winning or losing. Knowing you can work well with others is an excellent way to establish character and healthy emotions.
  5. Search for new meaning in your life. Finding your own spirit works best when you take the initiative to try something new. If you drive to school every morning, grab a map and find a new walking route. Be observant of your surroundings and take joy in the littlest things life has to offer. It’s often these that give you the opportunity to find the spirit you need to make life worthwhile.
  6. When facing conflict, learning how to smile and laugh at yourself is an ideal way to let your inner spirit shine in front of others. You may have heard the saying, “misery loves company.” Well, showing your optimism makes others want to be around you. Rather than dwell on negative experiences, choose to focus as much on the positive as you can. The brighter you feel inside, the more likely you are to live a high-spirited lifestyle.
  7. Appreciate the value of writing. Keeping a written account of your goals and accomplishments makes feeling high-spirited easier. The guide you write for yourself today will serve as a valuable resource forever.

Now that you’ve created your spirit guide, make copies and keep one close by. Show your guide to others and explain how your spirit guide has made an impact in your life. You only get to live once so be open-minded and find your unique spirit buried within. Chances are, it’s been waiting to come out all along.

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Angel Reading Basics – What you need to know! Tue, 23 Jan 2018 09:25:44 +0000 Psychics are working with angels by connecting with these pure spirits and then sharing the visions and assistance that these spiritual beings give. Psychics commune with angels in order to help their clients. The best psychics are able to commune with many angels and then use their experiences with angels in order to help their customers lead spiritual and holistic lives.

Wny Angels?

Messages from angels are profound and meaningful – they come from Heaven and they are so powerful. While certain psychics may not have the ability to commune with angels, some gifted psychics will be able to. If you’re interested in learning what angels have to say about your life and how it should be lived, finding psychics who are able to commune with angels will be well worth doing.

Most psychics who talk to angels know that a strict protocol must be followed. Angels must be contacted with the utmost respect. In addition, angels must be asked if they will interfere to help us. This is a rule that cannot be broken. A talented psychic with natural gifts galore will know how to approach an angel. Angels are delicate and beautiful entities – they shine with God’s greatness, love and endless compassion. They are his chosen ones!
For this reason and other reasons, psychics who have communed with angels say that the experiences are very positive. The angels laugh, play and express themselves in a charming and sincere manner. They embody positive traits only and bring no darkness or sadness.

The only way to learn what angels have to say about your life and destiny is to find spirit guides who talk to angels. These powerful psychics will help you to learn so much about yourself, your spirit and your future…

Do You Need Spiritual Assistance?

If you’re in need of assistance, you’ll find that psychics who work with angels are the best people to turn to. These types of psychics have lots of experience making connections with angels. The angels act as messengers – they deliver vital information which is designed to heal our lives at a deep, soul level. Many psychics of this type are classified as spirit guides.
They walk the earth as human beings, yet offer special spiritual gifts to those that they help, including the ability to commune with angels.
How to Find the Right Psychics

Using the keywords, “psychics angels” should be enough to bring up a list of psychics that work with angels. After you get your Google results, you’ll need to research these psychics in order to establish their reputations. Customer reviews of providers who appear in your Google search should provide a lot of insight.
Psychics won’t get stellar reviews from everyone. However, the best and most gifted psychics should receive an array of positive reviews. People who’ve paid for the services of the most gifted psychics often find their experiences life-changing. By reading reviews for a few psychics who talk to angels, you should be able to find the best…i personally would recommend looking at oranum psychics, its very convinient. I myself do not communicate with angels.

Avoid psychics who

…get a lot of bad reviews. While some reviews found online aren’t authentic, if there are a lot of “pans”, there’s probably a reason why.
Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask a psychic questions before you pay for a reading. A reputable and established psychic should be able to answer questions about his or her services. Once you’ve tried this type of reading, you may be dazzled by the insight that it provides. It’s all about accessing a conduit to the truly Divine. It’s about reaching out to angels through a psychic and discovering what these angels want for you. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a reading and experience all that psychics who talk to angels have to offer. These experts are able to connect with angels and find out all of their secrets.

You deserve support and guidance. After all, life is hard and you want to know that there is something else out there…something divine, spiritual and beautiful. An angel will provide this reassurance and also help you to make the most of your life on the planet.

Angels are beautiful, powerful and good. The best psychics know how to commune with them, with a mind to helping you find the purest happiness…

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How to make gemstone elixirs Fri, 19 Jan 2018 13:55:54 +0000 Gemstone elixirs (also known as crystal waters, crystal essences, gem remedies, gem tonics or mineral water) have been around for centuries and are similar in concept to flower essences. A form of vibrational medicine, they incorporate the essence of healing stones into human energy fields via ingesting, anointing or other absorption into the body. This powerful and versatile method of crystal use moves beyond holding, wearing or placing stones, and transfers their manifold benefits internally.

As well as for holistic medicine, elixirs can be utilised for ritual/magical purposes including the anointing of ritual tools. They can be preserved, stored and used in a variety of ways. They are fun to make at home but must be crafted with caution as not all stones are appropriate for an elixir, particularly when using the direct method (see below).

Good vibrations

By exposing ourselves from the inside out (or in the case of anointing, from the outside in) to the unique healing energies of the gemstones, spiritual blockages are removed and our energy fields are rebalanced and restored. This deep soul healing can have a knock-on beneficial effect over physical wellbeing as many problems are related to an underlying non-physical cause.

But for maximum benefit, the actual blockage and appropriate elixir must first be identified. Depending on the issue, certain crystals could actually cause more problems, so take care!

Which method should I use? Direct or indirect?

Any gemstones that are to be used to craft an elixir under the direct method must be free of toxins and safe to leave under water. The direct method involves direct suspension of the stone in water and should only be used when it is appropriate to do so. Certain stones can be extremely toxic. Other stones like selenite and malachite have a fragile crystal structure that will dissolve in water, permanently ruining your beloved stone. Hematite rusts. Nor does it matter how hard the stone seems – if it’s on the list, when left in water for too long it will begin to degrade, as I have found to my peril!

Many people like to use a synergy blend for their elixir. Blended elixirs can be extremely potent for specific ailments or issues, but it becomes even more important to make certain that the stones will work together and are safe. Unfortunately not all practitioners sharing recipes will acknowledge this, so be careful. Various crystal elixir recipes were given in the 12th century by Christian mystic Hildegard von Bingen, but not all of her recipes would necessarily be seen as safe today!

Given the potentially serious health implications of inappropriate use, it seems counterintuitive to take the risk unless you are 100% certain of your stone. If you really want to use the direct method, however, see ‘How to use the direct method without health problems’.


For both the direct and indirect method,you should begin by thoroughly cleansing all bottles, containers and spoons (allow to air dry) and physically and spiritually cleanse your gemstones as well. After this is done, try to handle them as little as possible, so that the energies that finally make it into your elixir will be purely those of the stone.

You will need pure distilled water or spring water (some use filtered or gathered rain water), at least one clean, dry bowl made from glass or crystal (you will need two bowls if using the indirect method. One must fit inside the other), a right size, airtight container (choose dark glass if you wish to store for any length of time), preservatives and dosage bottles as appropriate. Your chosen preservative will come down entirely to personal preference but you might try brandy, vodka, vegetable glycerin, distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar.


Place the chosen stone(s) in the glass bowl and pour over the distilled or spring water. If using the indirect method, place the stone(s) in the smaller glass bowl, put that inside the larger bowl and fill up with water ensuring that none of it spills into the smaller inner container. If you plan to leave the elixir-in-the-making for a while – at least four hours, preferably more is normally recommended – you should cover the top of the bowl(s) to ensure that no dust, bugs or other nasties will make their way into the precious brew. A clean, light-coloured cloth or glass plate is good.

You will now do one of the following things:-
a) Leave the elixir on a sunny windowsill preferably for twenty-four hours during the time of the full moon (to ensure balance). If the gems would fade in direct sunlight, however,
b) Leave the elixir in the light of the moon for twelve hours, retrieving before dawn.
c) You may also choose to leave the brewing elixir in your consecrated ritual space. It depends on ultimate use, but this may not be as potent for holistic medical purposes.

After the allotted time is up, remove the stones using a clean spoon and prepare to store the elixir (see: ‘What’s the best container for your gemstone elixir?’)

Why not programme the elixir?

There are many methods available to charge a gemstone with energy and programme it with your intent, but making your own elixirs allows for a particular form of programming based on the work of Dr Masaru Emoto. Dr Emoto claimed that the simple act of writing words like „love“ or „gratitude“ on a piece of paper and taping it facing inwards to a glass of water would have dramatic and beautiful results on the ice crystals later obtained from that water. If blessing-words or symbols can have this effect on mere H2O, why not use them to strengthen and charge up your elixir?

Optionally, you may choose to surround the brewing elixir with quartz crystal points (pointing in towards the centre of a circle) in order to intensify its energies.

A final word of thanks

DO NOT FORGET TO SAY THANK YOU TO THE UNIVERSE (AND THE STONE) FOR THIS PRECIOUS GIFT. A few simple words of gratitude are more than enough, but remember that it was not you who made the gemstone or the water. Without them there would be no elixir, so be thankful. Asking the blessing of a higher power will intensify the beneficial energies.

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How to use the direct method without health problems! Fri, 19 Jan 2018 13:55:52 +0000 Previously, I suggested that whenever there is any question as to whether a stone is safe to use under the direct method (which involves direct suspension under water to make a gemstone elixir) the indirect method should be used. Many gemstones have the potential to release toxins into the elixir and should be used with care; others, like selenite and other stones ending in ‘ite’ tend to degrade or dissolve under water thanks to their fragile structure.

Which gemstones are dangerous to use?

In terms of toxicity, you should beware of actinolite, boji-stones, copper (and many blue or green gemstones, most of which gain their colour from copper), dioptase, emerald, falcondoite, garnet, hematite, iolite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, malachite, opal, pyrite, ruby, selenite, tourmaline, ulexite, variscite, wulfenite and zircon. Some contain lead, others asbestos, sulfur, aluminium and mercury. Many other poisons can also be present. A more comprehensive list should be available in your trusted crystal reference book (or ask your mentor).

While some practitioners may tell you that the direct method is superior, I find that crystal energies are easily passed through clear glass into water without the necessity for direct contact. With toxic stones that will not dissolve in water, however, a third option is still available which allows you to safely use the direct method: homeopathic dilutions.

Like attracts like: Creating a mother essence

Working on the basic principle that same cures same (reminiscent of sympathetic magic for the magically-inclined), homeopathic dilutions commonly start at a potency of 6X. This means one part of the Mother Essence is added to nine parts distilled water, succussed (shaken with impact), and the process repeated using the distilled blend a further five times. A potency of 6X means that one part Mother Essence has been diluted to a million parts distilled water, so any remaining toxins will be negligible.

The ultra-high dilution has incredibly few particles of the original essence, leading some to dismiss the results of homeopathy as mere placebo effect. Yet time and again it has been shown to work – not only on people, but also on animals and plants – and in terms of crystal healing, which works on the basis of energies and vibrations, it makes perfect sense.

Homeopathic dilution is further known to refine and perfect the original energies (the process described above is known as potentizing and the effect certainly is potent) and allows for a huge amount of crystal water dilution from even a tiny amount of original elixir. Preservative must still be added to the final result.

One in a million: The power of homeopathy

While a homeopathic dilution of crystal water is no longer toxic, only a millionth part of it has been directly exposed to the gemstone. So it is not as pure as an elixir made using the indirect method – all of which has been exposed to (though has not been in physical contact with) the stone. So which should you use? Ultimately, it is down to you which method feels right and which will allow for the greatest transferral of gemstone energies. Why not experiment with both?

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Love Spells for the Beginner or Fledgling Wiccan Fri, 19 Jan 2018 13:55:50 +0000 A quick glance around the results once you have typed ‘love spells’ into an Internet search engine will be enough to convince you that there are hundreds if not thousands of different spells out there. Also out there are a host of people who offer their spells and spell casting which promise you a wide diversity of results which range from making you irresistibly attractive to being able to bring your errant lover back – after you’ve paid them lots of money of course.
Such things may justifiably make you skeptical and it doesn’t take a huge brain to figure out many of those out there offering spells have little or no knowledge or skill. However, spells can be very powerful and cast by the right people they are indeed worth paying money for.
Spell casting is just one small part of the Wiccan belief system but it isn’t something which is typically undertaken lightly or without first travelling down a long path of learning and discovery. Wicca spell casting is not about quick, easy fixes. Although spell casting itself can take up very little time, the process of discovery, attunement and knowledge is rather more involved.
You can’t simply follow a set of rules, chant a few lines and expect the universe to respond, anymore than you would expect to be able to achieve a masterpiece after reading a book about how to do oil paintings. This isn’t to say that non-Wiccans and beginners can’t perform effective love spells but typically the more understanding you have and the more in tune you are with your natural surroundings and the energies of the universe, the more powerful the magic is likely to be.

Love Spell No-Nos
If you have some-one specific in mind with your love spell, are looking to make a specific person love you or get a particular ex-lover to come back to you then you have come to the wrong place.
Wicca follows an ethical code, the basis of which is the Wiccan rede; the essence of this rede is ‘harm none’. Forcing some-one to act against their free will is considered to be a direct violation of this code.
Ethics aside, this type of spell is considered to have little value. Do you truly only want to be loved by some-one because they have a love spell on them?
It also crosses into the territory of ‘be careful what you wish for’. Standing where you are now may be one of such longing or pain that you believe your lost lover is the only person who could ever make you happy. But people and desires do change. What if somewhere further down the line you change your mind?
A good love spell is simply about letting the universe know you are ready for love and open to receive.
All love spells begin with self-love. If you are at a place of crushed low self-esteem or self-loathing then perhaps now is not the best or most effective time to be casting love spells and you will need to work on aspects of yourself first. Let’s face it – the person of your dreams probably isn’t some-one who is attracted to a quivering wreck anyway.

Preparing Yourself to Cast a Love Spell
All love spells must start with self-love as already discussed – relationships after all aren’t just about finding the right person but also being the right person – and an understanding of what you truly want. Simply being lonely and desperate will not be specific enough to make for effective spell casting. There has to be real intent which combined with various magical tools will generate greater energies and a greater chance of success. Think of it like this – one person tries to push a car, fails and declares it impossible. It’s not true, of course it can be done but only if enough force is collectively exerted on it.
If, as a beginner, your goal is to create powerful spells the chances are you results will be limited at best. In order to be truly effective you will need to study, learn and practice with regard to all aspects of spell casting such as visualisation, meditation, crystal energies and much more.
However, there is nothing to stop you trying and, as long as you avoid the no-no areas mentioned previously and have good intent, the worst that will happen is that your spell doesn’t work.
Help yourself by reading up a little bit on Wicca and try and gain a little insight into the forces of nature and the universe which you are asking to aid you.

Basic Symbolism and Tools
The subject of symbolism and tools is enormous and takes many many years to cover. However, the most basic are briefly explained here so that their inclusion in your spells won’t be such a mystery.

Circle casting – although not all spells require you cast a circle it has many benefits both real and symbolic. A circle will help contain the intent of the spell caster, keep the boundaries set between this and the magical world as well as keeping energies pure, focused and protected. The very first part of casting a circle involves clearing the space of negative thoughts and energies which some literally use a broom for.
Meditation – most spells require periods of meditation which can take place before, during and after or all three. It helps to get your mind into the necessary state required for magical work while connecting you to higher realms with extra focus and receptivity. Effective meditation typically takes a lot of practice.
Moon phases – we know the moon is powerful simply from its ability to move the oceans of the world. Depending on the type of magic being performed, the current phase of the moon will be very significant. For love spells this is typically a waxing, full or new moon (great for all types of new beginnings) but never a waning one.
You don’t have to be able to see the moon or even perform your spell at night in order for the moon’s energies to come into play.
Which astrological sign the moon is currently passing through is also highly significant in adding efficacy to spells but is far too complex a subject to include here.
Candles – these are used to represent light and the burning intent of your will. Candles used in magic rituals should always be previously unused and the colour of the candle may also be significant. ‘Charging’ your candle means simply to energize it which can be by anointing it with essential oils or simply sending your own energies towards it.
Altar – a sacred place which can be used in spell casting or just as a protected area to store all your magical tools.
Essential oils and herbs – certain oils and herbs have specific properties which will lend energy and power to the spell.
Incense – as for essential oils and herbs. Incense sticks are often made using essential oils.
Anointed candles – see candles.
Crystals – all crystals have very specific properties and have linked resonance with particular areas of life, the metaphysical world and healing.
Rose quartz is THE crystal of love but there are many more which have value.
In order to effectively use crystals for magic spells you must learn how to cleanse and attune them.
Flowers – sometimes flowers have special energies and powers along the same lines as essential oils which are extracted from plant matter.
Sometimes their purpose in spells is simply to help us with focus and intent where there is some commonly held association such as with rose petals and love.
Number symbolism – each number has its own significance and power.
Colour symbolism – different colours represent different things both with regard to magical and colour association elements. Spells will often call for a specifically coloured candle for this reason.
White candles can be used for all magic while also representing purity of intent and symbolising the feminine and therefore the goddess.
Other symbolism – there are many different symbols and magical tools which are utilised during magical practices including such things as rune symbols, planets, certain metals and fruits or trees. It would be impossible to list them all here so you may need to conduct your own research to discover specific symbolic meanings and when and how to use them.

Three Love Spells
Spell Number One – Attracting Love Into Your Life

Tools and Ingredients
A small piece of rosemary
Vanilla incense
Rose quartz crystal
Red or pink pen or felt-tip
Small red box
3 white candles
Candle holders
Ylang-ylang or patchouli oil
Any item which represents love to you

The Spell
Cast a circle if you choose or otherwise find yourself a quiet relaxed place either inside or outside.
Burn the incense and spend some time meditating to clear your mind after which you can anoint your three white candles with the oil.
Place yourself in the centre of your circle – standing or seated – and write the following words or something along the same lines which is meaningful for you –
– Love is in my life and has come to me. I am in love and he is in love with me.
Place the cleansed and attuned crystal in the box along with any of the love-representing items you selected previously. You could also place a list of some carefully thought out qualities which you would look for in a lover. The box represents what love means for you and focuses your intent.
As you sit or stand with the box in your hands take some time to meditate and then visualise all that you wish for yourself with regards to love including imagining how it will make you feel if you get your desire. Imagine yourself in love and all that entails.
Light the candles and as you do say repeat some affirmations over and over. This could be such things as ‘I deserve to be loved and I will be loved’ or ‘I am happy and I am loved’. You can hold the candles or place them in front of you on candle holders or directly in the ground if you are outside.
If you wish to do so you can meditate further on the happiness awaiting you. Then, when you feel ready, purposefully send out your intentions into the universe and say ‘so mote it be’ (and if that sounds too archaic then you can use your own phrase such as ‘may it happen’).
Snuff out your candles and seal the box shut and keep it that way until the love you have asked for comes into your life. At such time you can remove the crystal and keep it by you as a reminder.

Spell Number Two – Learning to Love Again
Tools and Ingredients
A piece of rose quartz, jade or moonstone
Sprigs of chamomile, sorrel or bay
A posy of gardenias, tansy or roses
A pre-blended ‘romance oil’ – 10 mls of sunflower oil, one drop of rose absolute, Bulgar and Maroc (or substitute the less expensive alternatives of patchouli, jasmine, ylang-ylang or geranium)
A collection of items you consider to be representative of love
1 white and 2 pink candles (plus 4 candles for the east, west, south and north corners if you choose to cast a circle)
A small pointed knife
Candle holders
The Spell
Assemble all that you will need on a table or altar with the herbs, crystals, flowers and love tokens and meditate on cleansing both you and your sacred space.
Cast your circle. During the circle casting and corner candle lighting repeat the following words as each candle is lit and placed – ‘May the element of air (or fire, water, earth depending on which corner you are in) bless this space with light, love and air (or fire, water, earth) and grant me the love that I desire. As I give love so shall I receive love’.
Move to your altar or workspace and light your white candle and spend some time meditating on your heart’s desire and visualising your wish coming true. Take one of your pink candles and inscribe the symbol for Venus at the top. Place it in its holder unlit.
Place some of the prepared oil in the palms of your hand and rub your hands together while visualising charging the oil’s energy. Take the pink candle again and spread the oil from middle to top and then middle to bottom ensuring all is covered. As you do so visualise the candle being empowered with your desire. While continuing to concentrate on your heart’s desire rub the candle between your hands and then place the candle back in its holder.
Take the second pink candle and this time inscribe the symbol for Mars and the Mann and Ing rune symbols. Repeat the candle anointing as before and place it back in its holder. Light both candles and say these words –
‘Love to me I pray you bring
By the power of love so true.
Fill my heart so it may sing,
Rejoice and let me love anew.
And it harm none so be it.
Allow your candles to burn for as long as possible and should they go out you can relight them but when you do so visualise your wish as if it is already starting to manifest. Should you need to extinguish the candles before they are burned down then don’t blow them out.
At the end of your ritual move around your circle to extinguish your corner candles. In doing so repeat the words –
‘I thank the element of air (fire, water, earth) for blessing me with a loving and happy relationship.’

On the following day place 2 candles at opposite ends of a room and light them while saying these words –
‘Love to me I pray you bring
By the power of love so true.
Fill my heart so it may sing,
Rejoice and let me love anew.
And it harm none so be it.

Repeat this every day for 30 days while all the time bringing the candles closer together until at the end of 30 days they are placed side by side. Each time allow your candles to burn for as long as possible.

This is an example of a classic Wiccan spell and follows a commonly used format for all spells of all kinds. It can be adjusted for almost all circumstances by changing the wording, the type of oil used, the colours of the candles and the symbolism.

Love Spell Number 3 – Mending a Broken Heart

Tools and Ingredients
An egg
A pink candle
Rose petals
Lemon balm tea
Essential oil – rose
You may if you wish, cast a circle or otherwise find a place in which you can be quiet and relaxed. A circle may not be appropriate in this spell as you are first inviting in negative elements before dispelling them which may offer up conflicting energies in the protected confines of a circle.
Take the egg and allow yourself to recall the cause of your heartbreak and all of the negativity which that invokes – anger, pain, rejection, loneliness and so on. Don’t fight them and allow yourself to cry if you need to. As you are doing this take the egg and roll it gently over your face while visualising the egg absorbing all the negative energies. Once this is complete, bury the egg outside, as far away as possible from where you live, so that the power of the earth can absorb and neutralise your negative feelings and pain.
On returning from the egg burial, make yourself some lemon balm tea sweetened with honey and with the rose petals included. Light your candle while visualising the warmth and light filling your room.
Anoint your heart chakra with some of the essential oil and while sipping the tea say these words –
‘Gentle balm, soothe my heart
Bring to me your healing art’.
Meditate while being aware of the love and peace which surrounds you while telling yourself you deserve love and release from what has gone before.
When you are finished snuff the candle while visualising yourself living a full, happy and healed life.

This spell is not strictly speaking a Wiccan one but nevertheless includes certain beliefs and rituals associated with the art.

Using Spell Casters
If you don’t feel ready or qualified to cast your own spells or you have tried and failed you might like to ask a Wiccan practitioner to help you out. This could be by simply asking for some guidance about where you are going wrong right through to getting them to cast the spell for you. Typically, the most effective third party spell casting is performed while the subject is present.
Finding that Wiccan practitioner might prove trickier. Many solitary Wiccans are very private in their practices and covens are typically closed cells.
The fact that there are, as mentioned at the very beginning, thousands of people willing to cast spells for you doesn’t mean they are all skilled, effective or ethical.

Your best starting point is to seek out a respected mind, body and spirit directory which lists all kinds of esoteric practitioners and healers and go from there.

Casting Spells – A Final Word
Casting a spell doesn’t release you from the responsibility of creating your own opportunities and making choices. You can’t cast a spell and then just sit there waiting for something to happen because it most likely won’t. You have to get out there – figuratively and literally – creating opportunities and keeping all your senses open to the opportunities which are given to you. You have to maintain intent.

And last of all spells can work in mysterious ways and not always in the way in which you imagined they would. If you have cast a spell asking for the love of your life to enter your life it may appear nothing has happened. However, quite suddenly and inexplicably you find the courage to finally enrol for nursing college – an idea you have been playing with for a while.
Down the line you realise that your ideal man is some-one who is intelligent, educated, thoughtful and caring and you end up marrying a doctor. An over-simplified idea maybe but you probably get the point.
Your spell may work overnight or it may take years. It is only on looking back that you realise what your spell set in motion and what you might previously have thought of as a failed spell was in fact a complete success.

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Telepathy vs. Empathy – What’s the difference? Fri, 19 Jan 2018 13:55:48 +0000 There probably isn’t a human on the planet who couldn’t describe at least one occasion in their life where they knew something without having any idea how they knew it. We have probably all used terms such as ‘sensing something isn’t right’ or having a ‘gut feeling’. Most of us have experienced moments where we have finished some-one else’s sentence or known what they are going to say next. Much of this can be (and often is) put down to knowing some-one well, their patterns, habits and ways of thinking and doing, or reasoning something out using our intellect and common sense. All of those things can explain some of it but not all of it – those other times, many believe, are down to innate telepathic or empathic powers or both.

What is Empathy?

Empathy is the transference of emotions and sensations from one person to another. Each of us, unless we are unhealthily Narcissistic, have some level of empathy within us and the ability to sense the feelings of others based on verbal and non-verbal signs; we typically use it on an almost daily basis.
We are told that spoken language is responsible for just 20% of the way we communicate. The rest is by body language and other means including our natural empathy. It is often easier for us to empathise effectively with those we know well such as family, friends and lovers. We already have stronger bonds with them; we know their story and what they have been through and when we love some-one we will often truly hurt when they hurt and be joyful when they are joyful.

Empathy is not the same as sympathy. Sympathy is when we feel sorry for some-one without actually experiencing what they are. Empathy is when we truly step into some-one else’s shoes and feel what they are feeling along with them.

For most of us, empathic senses come and go to lesser or greater degrees but in some people the empathic ability is greatly developed, allowing them to pick up on the feelings and emotions of those around them more acutely. These people are sometimes referred to as psychic empaths or just simply empaths. If you have ever read a really well-written book or watched an especially well-made film in which another person is suffering and found yourself crying then you have experienced empathy. We are not just simply feeling sorry for the character – we are feeling what they are feeling and seeing the world through their eyes. This is what empaths do but via a vastly accelerated short-cut.

How Empathy Differs From Telepathy

The most basic difference between telepathy and empathy is that empaths feel not think. Emotions come from another place to thoughts. We can feel anger/pain/grief/joy and so forth without actually consciously thinking at all. Empaths are not reading minds or thoughts they are sensing. Some empaths also have the ability to ‘read’ physical pain in others, sometimes experiencing it themselves and are able to accurately locate pain sources. There are those who consider empathy to be a form of telepathy BUT the majority of people, including most of the empaths themselves it would seem, think the two are very different. Lines may become a little blurred where some-one has both telepathic and empathic abilities.

Usually empaths only ‘receive’ unlike telepaths who may use a two way process – both transmitting and receiving. There are cases where empaths can transmit out – known as emotional telepathy – but this is rare. Also, telepathy tends to take a much more active role whereas empathy is often passive. In fact, for many empaths, certainly until they learn to control their ability, their empathic powers can feel like a curse or affliction. Empaths cannot help but ‘hear’ the emotions of those around them. Even with their eyes shut and ears blocked – with a total lack of all verbal and visual signals – they can feel completely swamped, overwhelmed and bombarded by having to experience the emotions of others. Telling them to ignore it would be like asking us to walk down a street and not hear the traffic – we don’t mean to, we just do. It is involuntary. Being in crowded places can be completely unbearable for some empaths – like being drowned in an unstoppable cascade of emotions.

Empaths can quickly become drained and overwrought when surrounded by so much emotional soup. This is something akin to when we wake from a terrible dream. On waking we know the dream wasn’t real but we are still left with a hangover from the emotions of fear, pain or grief which we actually went through as if they were real.

Life can be very, very difficult for empaths and many, especially those who don’t really know they are empaths or understand their ability, spend a lifetime trying to filter out and block the emotions of others.
Those empaths who have learned to manipulate their abilities according to self-will and purposeful intent tell us that there are many advantages. Empaths can be tricky to deceive for example or hoodwink because they can feel another’s motives and intent.

What is Telepathy

The term ‘telepathy’ was coined in 1882 by the founder of The Society of Psychical Research – Frederic W. H. Myers. It pertains to mind and thought and involves the transference of thought from one person to another without speaking or visual prompts of any kind. Along with reading minds, a highly developed telepath also has the ability to alter the thought processes of another individual.

It is believed that each of us has within us the capacity for telepathy but not all of us know how to develop it or control it at will. Most people can tell a tale about a phone call received exactly at the moment they were thinking of that particular person; maybe instead some-one from way back, who had been on their mind on and off for days, suddenly rings them out of the blue or appears at a party or in the street. Similarly, each of us has probably had the experience where we just know some-one is staring at us even though our back is to them; on turning we discover we are spot on. Or maybe we have stared at some-one, willing them to look up, which they do seconds later, meeting our eyes directly even though we may be in a crowded place.

Different Kinds of Telepathy

There are two very distinct types of telepathy which take the form of passive and active. Each of us is transmitting thoughts constantly. Passive telepathy simply scoops these up, much like some-one listening to the radio who just turns on and then hears what is being sent out. No action is required as such on the part of the telepath which is why it is known as passive telepathy.

This type of telepathy is most typically linked to surface thoughts and furthermore, for some-one with telepathic abilities, this skill can be tricky to turn off at first. Imagine trying to sleep or concentrate while some-one in the next room turned a stereo to full volume and you might have some idea.
Active telepathy on the other hand requires the telepath to enter into an individual’s mind with specific intent and typically buries deeper to get at rather more hidden thoughts and memories. This can feel very invasive and the subject may be acutely aware of what is happening.
The term coercive telepathy refers to a process by which a telepath will enter another’s mind and change it in some way, perhaps causing them to think thoughts which are not their own.

While many of the most skilled telepaths have been very aware of their abilities most of, if not all, their lives, there are also many books, DVDs and resources which aim to teach the development of telepathic abilities to those of us who need a little guidance or are interested in mastering the skill.

Telepathy and Empathy as Psychic Tools

Psychics and telepathy – telepathy is described as a psychic skill but it doesn’t necessarily follow that all psychics are telepathic. With minds already open and connected to higher realms, it can be comparatively easy for a psychic to develop telepathic skills and many seek to do so but it is not always utilised in direct connection to their other psychic powers. For instance, a psychic reading which relied solely on telepathy would have little value. All we would get back was a direct telling of our own thoughts, fears and desires with no reference to higher realms – not particularly useful. This would of course make us think the psychic was spot on but would give us no insights or help us move forward.It is for this reason that many psychics keep any telepathic ability hidden. Not because they intend to use it immorally – although those people do unfortunately exist – but for fear that is what people would think.
A good psychic reading will inform us of past, present and future and the psychic performing it will be channelling messages from Spirit and other worlds, not simply telling us what is in our heads.

Coercive telepathy – that in which the telepath puts their ideas into another’s head – can be used for beneficial purposes but many practitioners advise against it, telling us this has limited value and is linked to potential risks for the receiver. Ethically, this should only ever be done with the ‘owner’s’ consent and besides, telepaths tells us it is actually quite difficult to get into a mind at any depth unless the subject allows you in.
The bottom line is coercive telepathy in psychic practices is not common practice and not typically part of any type of psychic reading.
It is a commonly held misconception that hypnosis and coercive telepathy work from the same principles. Hypnosis is something else entirely which works through suggestion to the subconscious. Only a very immoral hypnotist would use any type of telepathy in their treatments.

Psychics and empathy – with regards to empathy, the fact of whether or not an empath is psychic is not agreed on. Some say empathy is a form of telepathy which means they are psychic – another school of thought tells us empathy is a spiritual experience but not necessarily a psychic one. Whichever school of thought you subscribe to, the fact exists that many, although not all, psychics do have developed empathic abilities which can help them give more accurate readings forged from a greater understanding of their client. Additionally, a psychic empath – that is, one whose empathic abilities transcend the normal levels of empathy found in many of us – may be able to detect, read and feel energy fields and auras at an enhanced level which will also aid them in their readings.

Telepathy and empathy with friends, family and lovers – both empathy and telepathy are usually accepted to be enhanced between close family members, intimate friends and lovers. If we already have special bonds or links spiritually and emotionally, both telepathy and empathy occur more naturally. This isn’t simply because we know them better, are familiar with their non-verbal signals and have personal insight into their thoughts and beliefs – it is also because we are more in tune with each other’s energies which opens esoteric communication channels more easily.

This doesn’t necessarily lead to the conclusion that we must have a close relationship with a psychic in order for them to deliver high quality readings. A skilled psychic can access higher realm information for any individual and doesn’t need to be close to the subject to give it any greater value. However, it is important for us to feel ‘right’ with the psychic we choose if we wish to get the most out of the experience. This may manifest itself as instinctive trust, a sensation of being able to relax or just simply that ‘gut’ feeling we mentioned earlier. Imagine trying to get the most out of a medical consultation if we felt an aversion to our doctor. – it’s the same principle.

Not all people are destined to click – it is a natural and normal part of life that some people draw us and others repel us; not always because they are bad or good but simply that our meeting energies don’t harmonise well.

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