There might be many reasons why you have decided to go for a psychic reading – you might be seeking some guidance to make a definite decision or move past an obstacle; you might be hoping to contact a loved one through the powers of a psychic medium or you could be simply curious. We are all different and there are no right or wrong reasons.

Standing at the outside and peering into any world we are thinking of walking into can feel exclusive and intimidating, whether it’s joining the gym for the first time, signing up for evening classes or taking up a new sport. It appears to be a land in which everyone else seems to know what they are doing and strange words and languages are spoken. Going to a psychic for the first time can feel exactly like this. Maybe you have already taken some first steps but simply typing ‘psychic reading’ into a search engine brings you straight up against a problem. There are literally thousands out there – how on earth do you choose? The first thing you need to consider is the very important question – ‘how can I tell which are the fake psychics and which are the good ones?’

Open your eyes: How fake psychics operate!

Sad though the fact might be, not all the psychics out there are genuine or very good. Some of the less able may truly believe they have talents so as such haven’t set out to deliberately deceive but at the bottom of the ethical pile are those who have no other motive than to make as much money as they possibly can by preying on the unwary, inexperienced and vulnerable. Some leading psychics estimate that as many as 1 in 4 psychics may be fraudsters – almost enough to make you change your mind about that psychic reading after all! Some fraud psychics are so obvious they might as well be wearing a badge saying ‘I’m a fake’ but the ones most likely to trip you up are those with more subtle tactics. But don’t give up just yet – help is at hand. Some of the scams and techniques used by the fake psychics are used over and over and there are many other obvious signs that your chosen psychic is not all they would have you believe.

The # 1 Scam: “You’ve been cursed!”

If a psychic tells you that you or some-one close to you is cursed take it is a justifiable reason to run away as fast as you can. According to many of the more reputable psychics out there this is THE number 1 scam and a clear sign that you are facing a fake hoping to lure you into paying them your money (because of course they can remove it for you…….for a price). Genuine psychics feel that curses are part of fairy tale land and warn that such tricks are designed to play on your fears – something a real psychic would never do.

Apart from the obvious alarm which anyone might feel on being told they are cursed there is another element at play here too. A non-genuine psychic may explain that this curse you carry is the reason why your life/job/relationship/wealth status/luck etc is not quite working out at the moment. Who doesn’t want a quick fix solution for life’s problems and failures instead of accepting that bad luck may actually be more about our own choices and actions?

Asking a lot of questions: Signs of a con artist?

The experts disagree a little here. Some tell you that the only question a genuine psychic will ask is your first name while others suggest that certain questions are ok. However, the overall message is the same – if a psychic is asking too many questions the chances are they are a fake and digging for information they can use.

You should never be asked for lots of personal information about where you live, your age, your job, your family status and so forth and beware the psychics who do this in more subtle ways such as ‘I hope your journey has been ok – you haven’t had to come far have you?’

Psychic scammers are very clever at getting certain personal details from you which can tell them quite a bit about – the type of work you do, your family situation, your social status and so forth. In addition to the cleverly disguised questions they ask they will also read physical signs – they will read you are married from your wedding ring, clock your designer clothes/good quality jewellery and know you are in a well-paid job and so on. A genuine psychic will ‘see’ things about you even if you tell them nothing and don’t answer a single question they put to you.

Be aware that astrology readers – who are something very different to psychics – will need to get your date and place of birth to accurately plot your chart.

Empty Promises, False Hope and Everything Nice

One well-worn technique used by fake psychics is to make you promises that they can improve your life in some way or give you something you desperately want. For example – they can bring your husband back, they can make you wealthier, they can get you that promotion you have been hankering after and so on. They might claim they can do this with spells, by direct contact with your guardian spirits, by prayer, invocation or a hundred other ways. Once you have been reeled in they can start adding things onto your bill or truly stacking up the charges over time with another spell or more work that needs doing ‘because this one is tricky’. Genuine psychics don’t offer easy fixes for which you have to take no responsibility or make promises of this nature.

Along the same lines are false psychics who gauge what you want to hear from some carefully manipulated questions and then hand it to you on a plate. Humans are strange creatures and when some-one tells us something we want to believe (because it is what we are hoping for) we tend to accept it more readily. Fake psychics play on this basic psychology. So beware of some-one who is only confirming all your own thoughts and hopes particularly if this is teamed with questions.

A genuine psychic will not give you false hopes no matter how much you want to hear it and neither will they try and pressure you into having further readings and sessions.

Genuine psychics are not going to tell you all that you want to hear. In fact sometimes, in their blunt honesty, we may have to listen to things which are a little challenging or difficult (but always with an aim to empowerment and NEVER through trying to scare us).

Smoke and Mirrors

A bona fide psychic is going to be able to present facts to you about your past, present and future. Fakes on the other hand often linger on future predictions only – an area of course which no-one can prove or disprove.

Genuine psychics will be able to tell you some very specific things, often in-depth knowledge which might be known only to yourself. By specifics we mean spot-on hits like – aged 13 you once won an award for the best all-round sports person in the school year, beating 200 others. Good psychics will throw a few of these how-did-you-know-that stunners in purposely – not to show off but to establish some trust between you.

Fake psychics on the other hand will use vague statements which might sound personal but are very definitely not. Examples of this include things like –

–        you have a big decision to make in your life

–        you are standing at a cross-roads

–        you have a lot on your mind

Sure you could answer yes to each of these or think of something which fits the bill but so could almost every other human being on the planet.

A Few Other Things

Although the techniques above tend to be the most often used there are a few other things we’d like to tell you about.


  • I’m famous/I’ve read for the stars’ – modern society has us so dazzled by the lives of stars and celebrities that many companies know they can increase sales if they tell us certain people use their product. Fake psychics will also use this as a sales technique along with trying to impress us with how famous they are. Of course there are psychics out there who read for the rich and famous but they tend to be a bit more discreet about it. Check out their website. Are there any famous endorsements there? Have you or anyone you know ever heard of this psychic? This probably tells you all you need to know.


  • Playing at being your friend – we can all be suckers when people are being extra nice to us – most of us like to believe and think the best of people. However, if you are confronted with a psychic who is trying a little too hard to be your friend they are probably not for real. Rather, they are looking to get you on their side, possibly in the hope that you will write some glowing reviews for them later. A gifted, genuine psychic is a professional – they are not interested in scoring brownie points and having you like them any more than any other professional you might consult for certain advice.


  • Passive/aggressive – knowing he/she is on thin ice may make a sham psychic jumpy and defensive. This means all will go well as long as you play along nicely. However, should you dare to challenge them or tell them they are wrong you might find the mood changes from all smiles to something a little more hostile.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask your own questions – a genuine psychic will have no objections to you putting some questions of your own or straying off a certain path. Fake psychics are not so happy with this and like the safety of a well-tested routine or scripted session according only to their rules.


  • Reviews – if a person’s website has nothing but 100% glowing reviews be suspicious. Even the best psychics have days where things don’t go quite according to plan – they are talented but not super-human. Likewise, there will be some clients who find they resonate easily with the character of an individual psychic while others just can’t gel, no matter how good the professional is. Nothing but 5 star reviews suggests the posts are either fake or doctored in some way.


  • Distrust anyone who claims 100% accuracy – the best psychics tell us this isn’t possible. Aside from the human element which has to be factored in, there is the simple fact that our futures are not carved in stone. What will be for each of us is determined by a combination of destiny and choice – each circumstance has the possibility of thousands of outcomes.

The purpose of an authentic psychic is simply to empower you. Their job is to point out patterns, tendencies and issues which are present in your life and then present you with ways to deal with them through the insights they give you. They will give you specifics. Real psychics may tell you things about your future but they will ALWAYS be very clear that whether or not this unfolds is up to you – YOU make the choices and YOU have the freedom to go whichever way you choose.


Sham psychics will often display several, if not all, of the indicators listed here at once and, for the alert, will always give themselves away sooner or later. Of course, it is possible that a very gifted and legitimate psychic also displays one or two of the traits listed here depending on their own personalities and ways of working. The bottom line is – trust your instincts and your heart. If a small voice inside you is telling you something is a little off then the chances are you’re right. Walk away and keep searching for the genuine psychics. They are out there and when you find them they are most definitely worth it.

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