Most people look at the deer and they see a highly docile animal that is often hunted for food and sport. However, this somewhat peaceful creature has a lot of other characteristics that make it an interesting spirit animal for those who have it. For millennia people from all over the world have been identifying with one species or another. In fact, you probably know someone who has the deer as their power animal; it could even be you. Do you find yourself inexplicable attracted to deer? Can you imagine what it must be like to be that animal? If so, then you might very well be guided by its spirit.

What is a Spirit Animal?

According to ancient cultures like the Inuit tribe of North America, spirit animals are guides that help a person to not only understand their own innate behaviors but also assist a person in determining their destiny. The behaviors of a certain animal can become manifested in a human being, thereby causing that human being to think or act like the power animal in charge. In fact, it is said that every person who is alive today has an animal totem that is associated with them.
You should know, however, that you do not get to choose your own spirit animal. Indeed, the spirit of the animal’s spirit chooses you for a number of mysterious reasons; and then as life carries on, you use those animalistic influences to make your decisions. Finding out what your power animal is should not be a problematic or unpleasant task either. You simply need to know how to clear your mind and aura of all blocks so that you can gather the right information.

Getting the Right Answers

Before you decide on what your animal totem is you will want to go through a couple conscientious steps towards accurate discovery.
1. Go be with nature. You will not be able to accurately determine anything about any animal or yourself if you do not first know from where the influences came. Go outside and take a look at some of the animals wondering around or study the behaviors through some other source. Do you exhibit the characteristics of the deer in any way? How about any other animal you see?
2. Meditate on the matter. It is said that each person already has all the answers to life’s biggest questions within them. The problem most people have is the discovery of those answers. The best way to figure things out in the spirit realm is to meditate on the matter, with your mind fully concentrated on finding out what you want to know.
3. Journal your visions. Whether you see, hear, or feel things during the day or while you sleep, it is important that you write these things down. Did you see a deer on the side of the road? Have you been dreaming of deer quite often? These things could be signs that your spirit animal is, in fact, the deer. Journaling these visions will help you catch any patterns that form over time.
4. Speak with a guru. If all else fails and your intuition is not strong enough to guide you through self-doubt, then try talking to a spiritual guru about the issue. You should be able to find out what you need to know this way. If nothing else, the guru will be able to inform you on exercises you can do to better your understanding of the spiritual realm.

Description of the Deer

When most people think of a deer they think of a graceful woodland creature with quiet and vigilant movements. A deer is an animal that is often seen as being docile, though unfortunately little is ever discussed of its power. Symbolically, deer represent innocence and gentleness. However, anyone who knows anything about a deer knows that there is much more to the animal than that.

Characteristics of Deer People

Those who are guided by the spirit of the deer will exhibit certain specific behaviors in their day-to-day life. Although this is not an exact science, these characteristics are indicative of a deer person (aka: a person with a deer as their spirit animal). It is important to note, however, that these are not the only characteristics to be considered in the search for your animal totem. In addition, not having all these characteristics is not enough to rule out the possibility.

• Overall gentleness (make great nurses, parents, and caretakers)
• Ability to move with grace (make excellent dancers or builders)
• Strong intuition
• Vigilant
• Highly sensitive
• Inner sense of innocence
• Ability to regenerate or heal quickly

There are a number of other attribute that are closely associated with the deer animal spirit guide. If you are still unsure after careful consideration, perhaps your animal totem is something else.

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