In the spiritual world there are several influences that determine how your destiny plays out. Your behaviors and decisions are rules by a variety of factors, one of which being your spirit animal. For those who are searching for a reason behind the happenings in their life, understanding the significance of an animal totem and its influences is highly important. In some cultures people actually believe that every person who has ever been born has an animal spirit guide associated with them.

What is an Animal Totem?

Each person has their own spirit, but alongside that spirit always comes the spirit of a specific animal. This animal spirit guide is supposed to chaperone you through the ups and downs of life without taking over who you are as a human being. In some cultures, such as in the Inuit culture in North America, animal totems are assigned to children after they have exhibited certain characteristics. Because spirit animals are so useful to the outcome of fate, these cultures and several others pay close attention to the realities of it all, even when the members of their society are still very young.

It is also important to remember that animal spirit guides cannot be chosen by the person. In fact, the only way to acquire a spirit animal is to allow the spirit of that animal to join with yours at its will. You cannot simply pick an animal and say it is your spirit guide. The spirit of each animal will manifest itself within the right person at the right time. It is up to you to determine the uses for this merge and to exploit it to your greatest advantage.

Finding your Animal Spirit Guide

There are many ways to figure out what your animal spirit guide is. All you have to do is have an open mind and a willingness to consider some hard truths about yourself. Sometimes, the only way we can build upon something is to first destroy what we know. Stop listening to what others tell you about yourself and start thinking independently. This is the first step towards finding your true animal totem.
Go through some of these easy steps and you should be able to decide if the crow is your spirit animal or not.

1. Talk to yourself. This act does not make you crazy at all. Simply consider truthfully the things about you that make you who you truly are. Think about your shortcomings as well as your inherent strengths. Then, compare what you find to the typical attributes of the crow. If you find any similarities at this point, then you may very well be on your way to discovering the identity of your animal spirit guide.
2. Study the behaviors of animals. Have you ever just stopped and observed how animals act? If not, then now is the time to do so. If you feel especially drawn to the crow then do your best to find out more about them. Study the symbolism surrounding them. Read everything you can about them so that you can make a more informed decision on the matter.
3. Jot down your dreams. Spirit animals commonly come to a person while they are dreaming. Your dreams are not just some brain entertainment; there is true meaning behind what is seen and felt while you sleep. Jot down what you can remember from your dreams each morning, taking special note of any crows that show up. If possible, buy an updated dream dictionary so that you can decipher what is being broadcast to you.

The Crow in Nature

The symbolism surrounding the crow is quite varied depending on who you ask. In nature, the crow is a predator bird – one that has been the source of inspiration for great works of literature and art. As a species, crows are calculating, mysterious, and often deceptive. With this bird as your animal totem, you will most likely exhibit the same types of behavior. However, it is important to note that just because you have some similar characteristics it does not necessarily mean that the crow is your animal spirit guide.

The Call of the Crow

Everyone hears the call of a spirit animal at some point in their lives. People who are linked to the crow will exhibit behaviors that verify the union. Some, if not all, of these characteristics are indicative of having this majestic bird as your animal totem.

• Fascination with magic or the occult
• Highly intelligent
• Heightened perspective
• Alchemic abilities or talent
• Fearlessness
• Adaptability
• Mischievous

Although the crow is typically associated with magic, bad omens, and death it does not mean that having the bird as your animal totem is a wicked thing. Talk to a shaman if you have specific questions regarding your personal spirit animal influences.

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