What determines the accuracy of a psychic? Is it their work ethic, what they charge, where they work, or perhaps are all of these things irrelevant, and it’s instead some mysterious thing that all good psychics have in common? Let’s go back a bit, to the money part, how much should a good psychic charge anyways? Psychics get blasted all of the time for charging money to perform spiritual work, some even say it’s satanic to charge money for these services. To the defense of psychics that are reputable and true, this career allows them a chance to use their gifts to help people all day long—and isn’t that what the best sorts of jobs should do? At the end of every day a psychic is human; they have to pay bills, eat, and support a family, making it impossible to work for free. Sure, they could drop being a psychic and get a 9 to 5 salary job, but then where does that leave all of the people out there who seek hope, comfort, and support from a great psychic?

How cheap is a cheap psychic ?

In order to provide a worthwhile service to society, psychics must charge money for their time. Some psychics charge way more than others—some are $25 an hour and others are $130 an hour. Since most psychics are self-employed everyone charges a different rate because everyone needs a different amount to keep on going. For some psychics it’s not okay to charge more than just enough because you need to survive but you don’t need to get rich off of people’s emotions, while for other psychics this is a taxing job done for the people and they need to be compensated generously for it.

Are there famous cheap psychics?

Once a psychic hits stardom a private reading becomes exuberant. John Edwards, for instance, charges a reported $800 per reading, and we doubt this gets you an entire hour! Just because someone has stared on TV, written books, or in someway worked their way up the ranks to become a household celebrity name, that doesn’t mean they are the best psychic out there—let alone worth their large price tag. Careful not to be fooled by made-up faces; look at Sylvia Browne, she was as famous as it gets for a psychic, and then after all of those years of being trusted, sought after by the stars, and dotted on by reputable talk show hosts, she was labeled a fake. Often the most talented psychics prefer to remain less idolized and out of the public eye. Therefore the price tag on your psychic’s door, or the number of followers they have on Twitter, might not always be representative of their abilities. Still, if a celebrity psychic is the only one for you, try winning a reading before you pay the big fees. Or just get someone who is inexpensive.

Location, Location, Location: Can you find cheap psychics locally ?

In any industry it’s all about competitive pricing. In order for a psychic to stay in business they have to mark their prices to match the going rate—if they are heavily in demand they may raise their prices and still succeed, but if they are not very good and their prices are too high they will not continue to secure work. Online there are sets of standard rates for psychics, just as in your own hometown there is an average rate. Location is a large determiner of price; in big cities, like New York, your average psychic can get away with charging fees as high as $400 an hour. These same prices would be laughed out of town elsewhere. The average price in your city for a psychic is a good number to know, it will help you determine who is cheap and who is expensive, and then start asking the important questions from there—like, why?

Good Psychic Vs. Bad Psychic—How Can You Tell?

a cheap psychic
The differences between a genuine psychic and a fraudulent psychic can’t be measured by how much they charge per session. Cheap psychics can be genuine too. Ways to tell if a psychic is genuine are more discreet than that, for instance if you can only find good reviews it is never a good sign, especially if these reviews are linked directly to the site, this likely means they wrote their own reviews. No psychic is 100% accurate and so they will not be 5-star adored by everyone. If they claim to be famous or a reader to the stars, and you they are a cheap online psychic, they are lying to you—which means who knows what else they are fibbing about. Psychics that speak of spells, perhaps a curse you are under or curses that they can lift, should raise your caution flag; you want a psychic, not witch craft. When working with cheap psychics online, beware that your residence and age provides a lot of inside information on you and your lifestyle; even more telling, if you provide your birthday they can use your astrological information to chart a daily reading—both are not worth paying for, even if they are cheap.

Reputation of a psychic is very important, this can tell you what type of work they excel at and what types of people tend to favor their services. Seeking out a psychic that speaks directly to your most desired questions is most important; for instance if it’s a deceased loved one you want to connect with, make sure to see a psychic medium. Find a couple different psychics, perhaps online and in person, that fit the description for what you are pursuing, and then begin investigating. Start by entering their name (name of the psychic and name of the company they work for) into a search engine, and be sure to ask around to anyone you know who visits psychics. Word-of-mouth is the best way to find a reputable psychic, although an imposter can blow some people away, meaning it’s ultimately up to you to decide!

Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

As I mentioned before, price does not determine quality of a psychic. Cheap psychics or online psychics that offer free services might be cons or they might be searching for clients either due to, the influx of mediums on the market (some real and some posers), building a new clientele, or maybe because they want everyone to be able to afford their services. Therefore, while finding an affordable psychic is important, there are other ways to save money besides just picking the cheapest psychic from the list. Some psychics offer deals for longer sessions to help you save money, while other psychics don’t put a time limit on the price they just take as long as you and the spirit guides need for one flat rate. Seeking out psychic group sessions is another affordable option, which might also make you feel more comfortable if you have never experienced a psychic reading before and would like to simply sit back and watch at first.


Picture by Jerry Paffendorf, edited by me

CC BY 2.0

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