Have you ever wanted to talk with a deceased relative? Do you feel lost in your day-to-day life and want to seek the advice of someone you trust? If so, then channeling is the right choice for you. Channeling is connecting to and receiving communication from a spirit, then relaying that communication as if the spirit itself was talking.

Psychics who offer channeling services are often known as mediums. They can be contacted to perform séances or other rituals in order to contact the dead. Once the spirit is contacted it can be asked for insight into everyday situations. If you’re contacting a loved one, it gives you the opportunity to say goodbye if you never got the chance.


Fighting Against Common Misconceptions

Channeling can be very confusing and controversial subject. There are so many rumors floating around, that it’s hard to tell what’s true and what isn’t. Let’s list and dispel a few common misconceptions about mediums and channeling:

  • Channeling and The Media — In film and television, it’s popular to portray the medium as being some weird old gypsy working in darkness, harboring ulterior motives, and cursing everyone who looks at her funny, but that’s just not true. Mediums are just regular people with psychic gifts, trying to help anyone that finds themselves in need. The media has also likes to accuse mediums of being frauds, but time after time psychics have turned skeptics into believers after just one session.
  • Channeling and Possession — Channeling is not the same as possession. The spirit does not take over the medium’s body; they simply use the medium to communicate to the people present. It’s like putting on headphones and hearing someone speaking, then writing down or repeating what is being spoken. When you put on these channeling headphones, whatever you’re listening to does not take over your body, it simply plays noises in your ear. The only difference is the spirit is speaking telepathically with the medium to bring the information to you.
    Channeling God — As you may have guessed it is impossible to channel God. If you really want to talk with God, your best option is to pray, but channeling God through a medium is impossible.
  • Channeling Aliens — Beings from other dimensions are not known entities so they cannot be contacted. The same goes for what can be called terrestrial aliens; even if they do exist they are not known so they cannot be contacted.

What Can Channeling Do For Me?

It’s easy for skeptics to write off channeling as just a morbid fascination if they don’t know anything about it, but it’s important to note the significance of making contact with people that have passed on from this world to the next. When you experience the point of view of someone who is not part of our temporal world, it serves to expand your mind. It’s like looking up at the sky and seeing clouds every day of your life, never knowing that there is anything more than just a blank, white sheet in the sky. Then one day the clouds go away and you suddenly see all of space stretched out across the sky in front of you. Channeling shows you that there is more to the universe than just our world. It allows you to look beyond anything that is happening in this moment and appreciate the world around you. Channeling will expose you to greater realities than your own and can improve and expand your outlook on life more than you ever dreamed possible.

The Many Varieties of Channeling

Like with other psychic pursuits, there are several different ways to channel spirits. No one way is better than the others, and each one gives you a good chance to effectively contact the spirit you wish to seek out. Here are three of the most popular methods of channeling:

  • Fully Conscious Channel
    — This type of channel has the medium in what would be considered a normal, awake, state that allows him to talk and move around without breaking the connection. This is the hardest type of channel to perform properly. Very often the connection is lost because the medium can’t concentrate properly while in a non-meditative state. Only the most skilled mediums can perfectly perform a fully conscious channel.
  • Altered State Channel — In this type of channel, the medium is believed to be fully conscious, but has achieved a super-conscious state of awareness that allows him to have a full connection with any spirit. Once the super-conscious state has been reached, the spirit can clearly communicate with the medium without much risk of interruption. Any time the client wants to stop, or the medium feels uncomfortable, they are able to cleanly break off from the spirit and return to a regular state. It takes some time to perfect going into a super-conscious state, but when it is achieved, the medium can easily and accurately communicate with spirits.
  • Trance Channels — Trance channels involve the medium putting themselves into a light or heavy trance in order to ascend their consciousness to the level needed to talk to spirits. Differing from the altered state, the medium needs to enter a heavy meditative state before they are able to contact anyone. After a trance state the medium is usually unable to remember to whom they were talking or what they were talking about. While still in control of their mind and actions, the spirit was able to use their body as a conduit to speak to those present. Again, this is not the same as possession. The medium is always in full control of their body and can break off at any time.

Entering a World of Possibilities

Spirit guides have been helping people pull back the veil between this world and the next for centuries. If you think you’d like to make contact with anyone that passed from sight but still holds a fascination for you, channeling is the key to making contact and exploring new spirit worlds.

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