Have you ever experienced Déjà vu? Do you ever know who’s calling on the phone before you answer it? Have you ever had a dream, or vision, that actually happens later on in life? Do people suddenly feel better from just being around you? If any of these things keep happening there’s a good chance you have dormant psychic powers. Dormant psychic powers are psychic abilities that are trying to break out in what’s known as a psychic awakening.

Becoming One With The Invisible World

spirit-abilitiesA psychic awakening is an expansion of your consciousness on an interplanetary level. As you tap into the vibrational energy of every living organism, you begin to experience events that signify your shift in consciousness. Slowly you’ll become more aware of the auras around you, and begin to feel connected to the invisible psychic field that dominates our world.

Unless you have someone to guide you this journey can be very frightening and difficult. All people are born with a certain degree of psychic ability, but only a lucky few are able to tap into their inner energy and connect to the universe. Psychics have already discovered and perfected their abilities. If you want to increase your psychic ability, the best way is through a professional psychic.

The Many Abilities of a Psychic

It’s a common misconception that psychics are only able to offer psychic readings or advice, but psychics can offer a host of other options for their clients.
A professional psychic can also:

• Offer classes on unlocking your own psychic abilities
• Provide manifesting and clearing tools to help you overcome challenges and bring to fruition the future you desire
• Perform energy work to rid you of negative energies or spirits
• Draw positive energy from their body to heal others
• Help ghosts cross from this world to the next. If a spirit is trapped on our mortal plane, a psychic is able to connect them to the astral plane so they may finally find peace

Finding Your Psychic Calling

With so many specific psychic abilities available to choose from, many psychics like to specialize in one area. When you get in contact with another psychic, it’s important to know what interests you the most. A lot of the time, psychics have to access many psychic abilities in order to complete a task. Here are some abilities that psychics are able harness:

• Telepathy — Transferring emotions and thoughts from one mind to another. This ability is a commonly used by pet psychics and those who communicate with spirits. Pet psychics are able to communicate with animals over long distances using only their mind
• Aura Reading — The ability to perceive energy fields around people, places, or things. When a psychic is called in to investigate a haunting, they use this ability to detect the spirit’s negative energy. Aura readings are also commonly used to assess the mental and physical health of a person. If someone has an unhealthy aura, they may have an unknown physical or mental problem that will come up later on.
• Psychometrics — The ability to get information about an object or person, by touching the object or person. This is the easiest way for a psychic to gain insight on the personal experiences of a client, or detect any bad energies connected to an object.
• Energy Medicine — This is when a psychic directs positive energy from themselves to other persons. By sending positive energy, the psychic can accelerate the healing process and help clients cope with grief or mental illness.
• Precognition — Using extrasensory perception, psychics are able to draw information out of the psychic fields around them to predict events before they happen. Since we live in a fluid and ever changing world, precognition is the most difficult psychic ability to work with. Any one action will completely change the outcome of the future. It’s important to warn people of possible futures so they can prevent disaster before it happens.
• Channeling — Also known as mediumship, channeling is the practice of contacting and communicating with the spirits of humans who have passed on. Channeling isn’t just limited to human spirits, a practiced medium can also communicate with deceased pets.
These are just some of the abilities that psychics can specialize in. Most psychics like to have a general knowledge of every ability so they will always have a way to assist a client. It’s important to know your strengths and what you need to improve upon. Even more important is to go with whatever draws you in. The universe could be trying to tell you something; you just have to pay attention.

Expanding Your Psychic Abilities

Like riding a bike or playing baseball, psychic abilities can be taught and refined. Each psychic mentor has their own way of increasing your psychic abilities, but most of it focuses on expanding your extrasensory perception. The first step is acknowledging that you are going through a physical and mental change. As your psychic powers increase, you will become more sensitive to the world around you. If you’re already an emotional or sensitive person, it will be easier for you to develop these extra senses. Emotional people are very in tune with those around them, and being a psychic is all about having strong connections to the world around us.

Most psychics will recommend a regimen of meditation and personal improvement. It doesn’t take much to improve your subtle senses, just be sure to produce lots of positive energy. Producing positive energy is the most important part of a psychic’s job. Without all that positive energy, the psychic would be unable to see into their mind’s eye and accurately assess auras.

Contacting A Psychic

Now that you’ve confirmed your psychic senses and decided what psychic abilities you want to focus on, you can get in contact with a psychic. Contact a professional psychic who is offering coaching or classes. After you’ve contacted them, talk about your previous psychic experiences and ask for help increasing your psychic abilities. After that, you’ll have entered a new world where anything is possible. As you develop your abilities with the help of a psychic, you will become happier and more in tune with everything around you while expanding your mind to join the forces that control our universe.

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