Numerology studies the symbolism of numbers. Those who use numerology believe it can help determine a person’s strengths, talents, and personality. It can also identify obstacles that may need to be overcome, emotional reactions, inner needs, and ways of dealing with others.


Numerology’s roots lie in Egypt and Babylonia, almost 10,000 years ago. The field was formally organized about 2600 years ago by Pythagoras, the mathematician who developed many of the basic theorems forming the foundation of modern mathematics. Several books about the field were published at the turn of the twentieth century by L. Dow Balliet and many of her contemporaries. This started the modern phase of numerology. Now, there is a surge in interest in the field.

How it Works

Numerology believes that everything in the universe operates at its own particular frequency. When you find an object’s vibration rate, it is possible to establish the energies and qualities associated with that object.

By using only the basic information for this object – the birth date and name – according to the principles of numerology, you can determine the major frequencies of different individuals. It is possible to perform a free numerology reading and analysis of these calculated frequencies to provide significant information on character and personality.

The Basics of Numerology

There is a basic mathematical function used in numerology which reduces numbers by simple addition. For example, the number 15 is reduced by adding 1 plus 5 to get 6. Similarly, the number 1984 is reduced by adding 1 plus 9 plus 8 plus 4 to get 22. Then 22 is further reduced to 4.

When using numerology, all numbers are reduced to single digits, one through nine, except the special master numbers 11 and 22. Major vibration rates are represented by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 22. These major vibration rates are associated with people’s characteristics.

Numerology also associates letters with individual’s names. These numbers are then added together and then reduced to single digits. The letter A, for example is assigned the value 1; the letter B, 2; letter C, 3, and so on.

A numerologist applies simple mathematical formulas to numbers which represent an individual’s birth date and name, deriving four major core elements and also twenty or thirty modifiers. The numerologist then provides a symbolic evaluation of these modifiers and elements to provide an accurate and complete character analysis. Almost half of the information in this analysis comes from the name and the other half from the birth date.

The Number Symbolism

The essence of the numerology report or any numerological character analysis is the symbolic analysis of the master numbers and the single digits. It is a very complex process since there are so many numbers and they modify each other. It helps to understand both the basic symbolism of the numbers to understand the report.

1. Individuality, Independence, Attainment, Pioneering, Leadership, and Administrating

The number 1 demonstrates strong leadership potential. A person with this number will be able to assume bigger and bigger leadership positions in the political and business world as they develop this ability.

2. Cooperation, Sensitivity, Closeness, Harmony, Balance, and Supportive

The number 2 represents an innate sensitivity and an extreme awareness of other’s feelings as well as their own.

3. Expressing Self, Enthusiasm, Joy of Self, Optimism, Sociability, and Creativity

This number represents the potential to experience great pleasure and delight in life.

4. System and Order, Managing, Sense of Limitation, Practical, Working Hard, and Down-to-Earth

This number represents the potential to work hard, long and patiently.

5. Constructive Use of Freedom, Excitement, Variety, Creative, and Progressive

This number represents versatility with the ability to do almost anything with great skill.

6. Balance, Love, Supportive, Responsibility, Serving, Comforting and Helping

This number represents an innate ability to help, serve, and comfort those who are less able or who have less than themselves.

7. Analysis, Introspective, Understanding, Spiritual Understanding and Search for the Truth

This number represents a capacity for learning and a fine analytical mind.

8. Material Satisfaction, Desire for Success, Recognition, Accomplishment, and Power

This number represents a strong capacity for business, with great administrative and executive talents.

9. Selflessness, Giving Without Thought of Return, Humanitarianism, and Compassionate

This number represents an innate capacity for loving their fellow man and a genuine concern for humanity in general.

11. Illumination, Spiritual Channel, Nervous Tension, and Teacher

This number represents an ability to use the inner spiritual awareness and intuitively understand a great amount about the non-material world and the forces that exist there – psychic, religious, and metaphysical.

22. Master Builder, Nervous Tension, Latent Power, High Ideals, and Spiritual Understanding of Material World

This number represents those with the ability to perceive much about the non-material world and the forces that reside there.

Parts of the Numerology Report

The Core and the Core Elements

The heart of the numerology report and analysis is the Core. This is the personality reading of the report and is derived from the four elements which make up the Core – Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge, and Birthday.

Life Path

The most important part of the Core is the Life Path. This is also considered the most important number in the numerology report.

The Life Path number describes the major lessons an individual will learn during their life. These lessons will help determine a person’s central focus in life.

The Life Path number is calculated by adding together the month, day, and year of birth.


The second most important number in the Core is the Expression. This number describes a person’s potential talents and abilities.

The Expression is calculated by adding together the number values in an individual’s full name.

Soul Urge

The next most important number in the Core is the Soul Urge. This number represents an individual’s inner motivation – what an individual wants to have, to do, or who they want to be.

The Soul Urge number is calculated by adding together the number values of all the vowels in the full name.


This number represents important personality traits, but is not as important as the first three Core elements. It is calculated by reducing the number of the birth day.

This information is just a start on the subject of numerology. There is much more to the field and much to be learned from a free numerology reading.

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