This detailed, step-by-step guide packed with time-saving tips and techniques, is aimed at the true beginner and lives up well to its title of ‘easy Tarot’. The history and the complicated esoteric issues which surround Tarot are not really discussed here. Instead the time and energy is spent on teaching you all the basics of Tarot from an easy-to-follow process of preparation through to carrying out your first readings.

Find this set on amazon now & read reviews!

Find this set on amazon now & read reviews!

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The book is divided into six separate sections – each intended to guide and initiate readers into the all-important elements of Tarot. The first of these, for example, include an ‘answering your questions’ section which explains how Tarot works and a section intended to dispel a few of the most common misconceptions and myths surrounding the art. Later in the book there are sections explaining card meanings and Tarot spreads and guidance on interpretation and results of readings, illustrated by using real-life spreads. A troubleshooting section, ethical guidelines and Tarot diary advice round up the offerings here.

Along with the book, this set includes a 78 card Gilded Tarot deck created by Ciro Marchetti which many describe as one of the most beautiful decks around.

The Author: Josephine Ellershaw

Josephine Ellershaw has been involved with Tarot for many years – her personal journey has spanned three decades. For many years she has been providing Tarot readings and offering healing and metaphysical guidance to a clientele in both her native UK and internationally further afield.

Her other works of non-fiction are: ‘Easy Tarot Reading: The Process Revealed in Ten True Readings’ (2011) and ‘The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards’, co-written with Emily Ellershaw and due to be released in June 2014. She has also written some fiction titles.

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The Tarot Deck Artist: Ciro Marchetti

Award winning artist Ciro Marchetti now lives in the U.S. but originally comes from the U.K. where he studied art in London. His career has taken him to Europe and South America and today he gives workshops and lectures on digital imagery and illustration at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute.

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