Considered by many to be THE definitive guide for both complete beginners and more experienced alike, the super-colourful, smaller-than-average format Crystal Bible has now sold over 1 million copies.

Find out more on amazon

Find out more on amazon

More than 100 crystals – all of the most commonly found plus many lesser known or newly discovered – are arranged in an easy reference A-Z format with large colourful pictures allowing the user to quickly identify the crystal in question. Each crystal’s entry starts with a small information box which summarizes colour, appearance, rarity and country source. There is then a longer text on ‘additional properties’ which covers spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical benefits. This is followed by a ‘healing’ section and then a ‘position’ piece which advises the user of the most beneficial place on the body to wear the crystal or where to place it in the home. Further colour photographs and details are given for any colour variations the crystal may have.

All of the explanations are written in clear and simple language which won’t leave the beginner feeling bewildered. Also with the beginner in mind, there is a comprehensive glossary at the back explaining the specific terms which crop up throughout the book, such as ‘angelic realms’, ‘soul retrieval’ and ‘grounding’.

This little book really does manage to cram an enormous amount of information in-between its covers. As well as the crystal by crystal guide element of the book, which forms the largest part of its content, there is also a well thought out introduction section covering a wide variety of crystal healing topics. These range from a basic guide to how crystals are formed through to choosing crystals, an overview on healing, cleansing and attuning crystals for healing and crystal care. A large section at the back of the book discusses crystal shapes and their relevance, accompanied throughout with the book’s signature note of full colour pictures. There is also a quick reference guide which illustrates the correspondences between crystals and the zodiac/body (illnesses and medical conditions)/chakras/aura with suggested layouts and gem remedy instructions.

This really is an all-you-need-to-know guide for beginners with plenty of value for more experienced crystal healers too. Any used copy you ever see of this book always looks like it has been well thumbed because it has been dipped into again and again, confirming its value as an indispensable reference.

The Author: Judy Hall

With over 40 years experience in crystal healing, UK born Judy Hall is the author of more than 45 mind, body and spirit books, many in the crystal healing category. Her books have been translated into 16 languages and her highly acclaimed work has earned her a place on the ‘Watkins Review’ ‘one hundred most spiritually influential authors this century’. (Watkins Books, established in 1897, is London’s oldest and most respected esoteric bookshop.) Along with her extensive crystal healing credentials, Judy Hall is also a karmic astrologer, past-life regression therapist and psychic who has gained renown not just as an author but also as a broadcaster and workshop leader.

The viral popularity of ‘The Crystal Bible’ led to a second volume of ‘The Crystal Bible’ and volume 3 arrived on the bookshelves on September 2013. Her latest books are ‘101 Power Crystals (Fair Winds Press/2011) and ‘Crystals and Sacred Sites’ (Fair Winds Press/2012). She has also published one novel entitled ‘Torn Clouds’.

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