Best Psychics in New Orleans

Best Psychics in New Orleans

When faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles in our personal lives or careers, it’s our natural tendency to turn to others for advice and help. Often, they are as confused as we are. That’s when people are tempted to consult psychics who offer to connect with the spirit world to get guidance. The premise is that that the whole universe is interconnected as one whole, but our earthly worries and cares prevent us from seeing what is beyond our immediate physical world. Psychics are those who have trained their senses to perceive what is hidden.


In essence, psychics tap into higher level of consciousness which might help us see the problems in a new light. Sometimes a link is established to the spirit world through our loved ones who have passed on to the next world. Some psychics may have been aware of their special talents from a young age. Others may come to a sudden realization of their psychic power through an accident, or a life- altering event that happens much later in life. Nevertheless, it is the diligence with which they hone their skills that ultimately make them good in their trade. Here are a few psychics from New Orleans who are the best in the area.


Cari Roy

Cari is an established psychic and spiritual medium with inherited skills that are honed to perfection with over 20 years of practice. Even though she had started her psychic career in New York City, New Orleans, the most magical city of America lured her back. Since frequent appearances in TV and radio shows have carried her fame far and wide, people flock to her with their current problems as well as anticipated ones. Or they may approach her when decisions regarding finances, career and personal relationships need to be taken. In such situations, Cari seeks guidance from their loved ones from across the barrier, so that what the spirits reveal may help them sort out their own problems.


Cari offers psychic reading sessions in person, as well as over the phone. Acting as a medium, she helps clients establish a connection with their relatives and friends who have passed on. This helps them resolve old issues and find peace. Group sessions and special events can also be organized. Besides psychic reading, Cari makes astrological predictions and interprets dreams too.

In-person reading:

30 minute session – $100

60 minutes session – $150


Contact: call 877-774-6652 or email


Justin Devereaux

Justin may have inherited his psychic abilities from his gifted grandmother, but it is his Southern Louisiana home that provided the right atmosphere to nurture his talent further. Ever since a potentially fatal accident made him aware of his special status, he worked hard to develop his skills. Training under a mid-wife, he learned to use his gifts for helping others. Tarot cards were his original tool, but with his gift of clairvoyance and the ability to mediate with spirits, he no longer needs any props. Even when Justin kept on dabbling in different professions, his psychic career stayed with him.


Justin conducts psychic readings with or without the use of Tarot cards. He uses channelling, and the guidance from spirits, to gain insights into the client’s life, and to make predictions. He conducts telephonic and online readings with as much ease as the in-person readings.


In person readings:

15 minute session – $75

30 minute session – $125

60 minute session – $200


Contact: email –


Jackie Barrett

If Jackie is fondly called the Guardian Angel of New Orleans, her mother, from she has inherited her psychic powers, used to be known as the ‘Voodoo Queen’! Jackie was the runner up in the America’s Psychic challenge in 2007. She uses her special powers for important causes like crime fighting. Her diligence has helped solve many hopeless murder cases. She seeks the help of the dead to render help to the living.


Jackie is a multifaceted personality; she is a proud recipient of a Captain’s badge for her role in solving a case with the NYC Police Department. She channels her energy into humanitarian causes too, through the Jackie Barrett Foundation and by working closely with the Red Cross. She is a successful author too. Her bestselling works include The House that Kay Built and The Devil I Know.


Jackie offers a host of services like séances and spirit calling besides psychic readings and spiritual counselling. She is adept at spell casting and has several products like mojo bags, voodoo dolls and spell candles crafted for specific needs. In her séance sessions, she allows the client to communicate directly with the spirit.



Contact: Call- 917-362-4596 or email –


Sallie Ann Glassman        

Sallie is an author, painter and a voodoo priestess all rolled into one. Besides psychic reading, she conducts healing ceremonies and lectures. Sallie summons the spirit of near and dear ones to help the clients resolve emotional issues. She uses a crystal ball to get access to the higher consciousness. She sells many articles and herbs used for psychic healing through her Island of Salvation Botanica shop.


Sallie conducts in-person readings at her shop. Telephonic sessions are also available.


Individual in-person reading

30 minute session – $95

60 minute session – $150


Contact: Call – 504-948-9961

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