Best Psychics in Los Angeles

What are the Best Psychics in Los Angeles?

Certain events in our lives may leave us confused, frustrated, and without a sense of purpose or direction. Some turn to friends or family, while others approach counsellors or psychologists for advice. The need to consult a psychic may arise unexpectedly, or you might have been brooding over the subject for quite some time. A distrust of the mystery and magic that surrounds psychics and clairvoyants keep many off from availing their services.

Talking to a psychic may make one realize that it has nothing to do with witchcraft and black magic. Psychic ability enables certain people to reach out to the collective consciousness that connects people, both living, and dead. Their ability to unlock a higher realm of understanding may pave the way to working out solutions for difficult problems. There are TV shows that give glimpses of the psychic phenomenon, but an online or telephonic consultation may help one make a direct connection. However, there’s nothing like a private session to establish a rapport with a psychic who could become your life guide. The best psychics in Los Angeles are introduced here.


Mark Christopher Nelson

Mark was just 11 when he first realized his special talent of communicating with those who have moved on. It was his father who first approached him, and reassured him, a month after his death in a car accident. Mark was asked to pass on the message to his grieving mother. It was followed by several meetings with his father and grandfather. Eventually he became a reliable medium, helping many people connect with their loved ones on the other side.


Elected the ‘Most Gifted’ from among 200 psychics in the show ‘Gifted’ on Fox TV, Mark Nelson has a special talent for psychometry with which he can associate a used object with its owner. He is a popular TV host of psychic shows such as “Positively Psychic”. His celebrity clients include Adam Carolla and Ellen DeGeneres. He does private sittings and phone reading.


Single-Person Reading

30-Minute Session – $120

60-Minute Session – $200

Discount is offered for couples and groups.

Contact Mark: call 1-818-620-1865 or mail to


Nora Fleur

Fleur inherited her psychic abilities from her great grandmother Marie who passed away when she was a year old. But Fleur always felt her comforting presence while growing up. She could also see the aura around people. However, her extraordinary perception was disconcerting and she consciously shut out the psychic powers to feel ‘normal’ like the friend who had called her crazy. But her destiny caught up with her when she was in college. A life-threatening illness brought her to a psychic who showed her the path meant for her. Exploring deep into her psychic nature since then, Fleur has been a successful medium effecting communication between the client and their dear departed.


Nora Fleur specializes in spirit communication and life reading. She has a long waiting list for both, though. Group readings are conducted at the client’s premises. She conducts events like How the Spirit Lives On and psychic classes and workshops too.


Private reading

50 minute session – $160




Marilyn Alauria

A quest to understand the unexplainable experiences in her childhood, starting from when she was just 5 years old, led her to learn more about the psychic world and her own abilities to help people with their problems. Her original career path was entertainment industry, working in With her well-developed clairvoyance and clairaudience abilities she reaches out to her spirit guides who in turn communicate with the clients departed friends or family. She does not use any tools to establish the connection.

Marilyn conducts life readings, partnership readings and group séances. Besides discovering the unresolved issues in the past, Marilyn helps you chart the way forward. She helps couples and business partners tide over emotional and financial problems.


Private reading

30 minutes session – $185

50 minutes session – $300

Discounted rates are offered for couples and group sessions.


Contact Marilyn: Call 323 860 8771 or email


Madame Pamita

An ordained minister of Universal Life Church and Association of Independent Readers and Root workers member, Madame Pamita specializes in Tarot card reading and root work and spell work. Using her special talents Pamita guides her clients towards their life goal.  She not only helps them find solutions but also teaches them to take advantage of plants and minerals by working with their spirits. Her empathy for the clients and their causes is well known.



Madame Pamita makes use of several tools of the trade such as tarot cards, mojo bags and candles for simple and complex spell work. She has several products on offer which can be ordered by mail. She offers strict confidentiality in all her readings, whether in person or over the telephone or the internet.


Visit Madame Pamita’s Parlour of Wonders at


Contact: 310-310-0029 or mail to


Jana Hollingsworth


Jana approaches psychic reading in a unique, down-to-earth way to give practical advice to her clients. She knits in fitness and power coaching into her psychic routine for holistic development. She has made’s “Top Ten Psychics” list.


Jana Hollingsworth conducts Power Coaching Sessions of one hour and half hour durations during which she gets messages from the spirit guides to enlighten the clients. Insights by E-mail – is a program Jana has introduced to help people get quick answers to pressing questions without a full reading.


Personal Reading:

Half hour session – $120

One hour session – $200

Insights by E-mail:

1 question – $40

2 questions – $60


Contact: Call 310-821-4748

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