Being able to understand what a spirit animal is and what it means to have one is an important factor that leads up to you also being able to live out your destiny. Most cultures around the world have an appreciation for the reality of animal totems; and thus, they acknowledge the fact that each person has an animal spirit guide associated with them. This belief system is what helps some societies function properly, giving them the tools they need to more accurately assess the citizens that make up that society.

Understanding Spirit Animals

An animal spirit guide is the spirit of an animal manifest into behaviors and tendencies in a human being. Each person has his or her own animal spirit within them, with a set of characteristics tied to it. This union of spirits is what makes a person who they truly are. A person who listens to his or her animal spirit guide will most likely have an easier time living out their true destiny. Of course, there is a balance to be found – as is the case with all things.

It is said that a spirit animal cannot be picked by the person. Instead, the spirit of the animal has to choose the person and then manifest itself at will. Just because you like a particular animal or have disdain for another does not completely rule out the possibility that one of them could be your animal totem. In fact, there are lots of cases where this is simply not the way things go down. The only way to find out if the bat is your spirit animal is to discover all you can about the animal and then start the discovery process on yourself.

Basic Bat Behavior and Symbolism

Bats are commonly known as the guardians of the night. They have a keen sense of direction despite their inability to see. Using sonar, they glide through the darkness in search of their prey, hiding in caves with their winged friends in the meantime. These blood suckers are usually associated with death, but there are some redeeming qualities to them as well. It is important to understand both sides of the coin of symbolism when it comes to the bat, especially if you suspect it of being your animal spirit guide.

Signs of a Spiritual Bat Presence

You will probably notice an abundance of bats in your realm if it is, in fact, your spirit animal. If you take some time to observe your surroundings and your personality, you might very well find out that this is true. Having a bat as your animal totem could mean that you exhibit behaviors similar to it. Those who have this animal as their spiritual guide will most likely show the following signs:

• Heightened intuition
• Love of the night
• Extreme sensual sensitivity
• A strong sense of self love
• The need for solitude
• Appreciation for spiritual subjects

Of course, a person can have the spirit of the bat as their guide without exhibiting all of these characteristics. However, it is more common that your animal totem end up being something that is closely related to your inherent behavior. In order to find out what your spirit animal truly is, you will first need to get in tune with yourself and the world around you.

Opening your Mind and Cleansing your Aura

It may prove to be nearly impossible, if not extremely difficult, to determine what your power animal is unless you first go through a couple stages of personal spiritual discovery. This process is not anything hard to do. It merely requires that you keep an open mind and heart and consult the right sources: yourself and a spiritual advisor.
If you’re still not convinced that you have accurately identified your true spirit animal, try one of the following exercises:

• Meditate: It is a proven fact that a person has heightened states of awareness while they are deep in a meditative state. Not only can you experience visions, but those visions may also help you to have helpful epiphanies. If possible, try to concentrate on the discovery of your spirit animal while you meditate. This will help you to determine its identity more easily.
• Keep a journal: It is difficult to find patterns in your everyday life when you do not write things down as they happen. Have you noticed an abundance of bats in your life, on your property, in your dreams, or elsewhere? If so, you should start writing down these occurrences and see if they mean anything in regards to what your animal totem might be.
• Talk to a shaman: For some people, talking to a guru might be the key to discovering what your animal spirit guide is. If you can’t figure it out on your own, this might be your only hope.

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