More and more people today are interested in becoming professional psychic readers. Joining psychic networks has managed to enrich the lives of a lot of compassionate individuals that are interested in making a difference in the world in a unique and nontraditional manner. Of course, given the long history behind psychic readings, it could be said that the people who get into this field are choosing a job that is in some ways more traditional than many modern jobs. This article is all about introducing people to the specifics of psychic employment and the nature of the profession. People that are interested in psychics and people that are considering the profession are going to benefit the most from reading this article.

What is a Psychic?

The exact origin of psychic readers is difficult to pinpoint. Nostradamus is one of the most well-known psychics in early modern history, as well as one of the most famous psychics in general. Believing in ghosts and spirits was common throughout the early modern period, as evidenced by their role in Shakespearean plays. However, modern psychic readings largely began with Spiritualism, a belief system that crystallized in the nineteenth century. An interest in the occult and psychic phenomena became even more popular throughout the early twentieth century. Today, psychics have formed their own powerful niche within modern society, and modern information technology has only helped the field expanded further.

Psychics make use of a wide range of techniques during their practices. Astrology is a common discipline that psychics use. Plenty of psychics will make use of both Western astrology and Chinese astrology. Many psychics will also use tarot cards and the discipline of numerology. They will also do personalized readings for a lot of clients. Some psychics may use palm reading or fortune telling. A good portion of the techniques that psychics use could be grouped together as divination arts. Psychics may use different techniques for different clients depending on the preferences of those clients, or they may use all of the tools at their disposal in order to give their clients the best advice possible.

Psychics are there to help their clients cope with stressful situations. Their clients may be going through a difficult grieving process at the moment. Their clients may also be struggling with difficult decisions involving their work or their personal relationships. They go to psychics for the sake of guidance, and psychics can use all of their unique sources of knowledge, as well as their charisma and interpersonal skills, to help steer their clients in the right direction. In that regard, psychics are a lot like counselors. Many people that see psychics have also consulted with counselors. Some people may make regular appointments with psychics, and other people may only consult with them on occasion. One way or another, psychics can help people with a wide range of personal and emotional problems.

Psychic Industry: Growth and Potentials

The psychic industry is a huge industry today. Some people will be surprised to learn that the psychic industry pulls in around two billion dollars every year, and it’s an industry that is only expanding today. Many aspiring psychics may look at these figures and become more confident in the process. Indeed, it is a hot industry right now, and plenty of new psychics could enjoy long and prosperous careers within the field. However, it is important to approach a career in the psychics industry in the right way.

psychic-servicesThe people that want to achieve success in the psychic field should join a psychic network. Some people have managed to find success by setting up their own practices, just as plenty of doctors or psychologists set up their own practices. However, getting a personal practice off the ground is significantly more challenging than joining an established psychic network or psychic hotline network. Oranum is a good choice, as is the Psychic Power Network.

People that open their own businesses, whether it’s a psychic readings business or a restaurant, really don’t get days off at all. They have to spend a huge portion of their potential free time marketing their businesses and trying to find new clients. It’s difficult for them to work convenient hours as a result. People that work with established businesses are that much more likely to be able to work more convenient schedules. These established businesses will already have connections, and they will already have a solid base of clients. It’s easier for new psychics to get involved with the business if they approach it from that angle.

It is also important to note that people who are interesting in opportunities to work at home should consider psychic jobs. Through the use of chat and webcam technology, doing psychic readings from one’s home is now very easy. Clients won’t sacrifice anything by contacting their psychics from their homes. The income that people can expect to make from psychic jobs is going to vary depending on the number of clients they can get for themselves, as well as their individual skill. However, plenty of people have managed to make a middle class income as psychics, and talented people entering the field can expect to do the same. Making over forty thousand dollars a year is not uncommon.

Psychic Job Requirements

Not everyone can become a psychic. There is a great deal of overlap between the types of skills people need in order to be a therapist and the types of skills that people need in order to become successful psychics. Psychics must be warm, approachable, and kind. Having a great deal of sympathy and empathy is essential. The psychic profession is not a good job for people that are cold and clinical. Psychics must also be good at listening. It certainly helps if psychics have appealing voices as well, especially if they plan on speaking over hotlines or working over the telephone.

It also helps if psychics have a diverse range of skills. They should know about Eastern and Western astrology and numerology. They should also know their way around tarot cards. Psychics must be confident about their ability to contact spirit guides and angels, since they are acting as mediums for spirits. Psychics that also know palm reading and other skills will be able to attract even more clients. The more skills that psychics have the better.

Of course, psychics working from home online are also going to need to meet certain technical requirements. A psychic needs to have a working webcam. Having a hardwired Internet connection is better than a wireless connection, since these can fluctuate a lot. Their Internet connections should have 1024 kbit/sec upload speed. Many psychics use headsets and others use microphones and speakers. The computers that they use should have 1GB RAM and a Pentium III. 1.8 GHz CPU. Psychics that can meet these technical requirements will have plenty of options, and they will be able to begin with networks like Oranum.


Individuals that enjoy helping people through difficult times will get a lot of emotional fulfillment out of being psychics. Psychics have been around for a long time, and today, countless psychics work together practicing ancient techniques like astrology and numerology. The field is growing, and more and more psychics are choosing to work at home.

Individuals that truly feel that they have the gifts necessary for psychic jobs should consider getting involved with the field. Charismatic, warm individuals that care about helping people should become psychics. Individuals that aren’t confident about their psychic abilities and aren’t comfortable around people probably will have a hard time in the field. However, psychic jobs are perfect for a lot of people.

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