As we gained more knowledge about the animal kingdom, we learned that animals – both our pets and wild animals – have the ability to sense the unseen and unheard. There are times we would reprimand an animal for its peculiar behavior, simply because we are not able to see what bothers it. How often have you seen your dog start suddenly, bristle up its hair, when nothing is in sight or even within hearing distance? How often does the horse get “skittish,” when there is nothing around?

dogs-91542_640A flock of geese is said to have saved ancient Rome from an attack of the enemy. On a stormy and dark night, the Roman outposts failed to hear the approaching enemy, but the geese with their keen sense felt the presence of strangers and started cackling loudly, arousing the guard and Rome was saved. The ancient Romans gave the geese full credit for saving Rome. Skeptics may not think so but animals have an unusual power. The problem is that most of us cannot understand them. Dr. Doolittle favored animals over his human patients because he could understand and speak to the animals. While that may have seemed magical and far-fetched at the time, now humans have realized that there is nothing really strange about this.

Gifted Animal Communicators

There are some who are gifted with the special ability to communicate with animals. This gift allows them to understand the deepest thoughts and emotions of animals. Some great animal activists are said to communicate with animals through touch, tone of voice and words.

There are Pet Psychics like Lisa Greene, Sonya Fitzpatrick and Joanne Hull among others, who have made a name for themselves as having the incredible power to telepathically communicate with animals. They promise to help people build better and stronger relationships with their pets, as well as correct any behavioral problems. They tell us that animals love to communicate with us and let us know what they need or what is causing a particular behavior.

You may approach a Pet Psychic if you have had enough of guessing what your pet is thinking or to find out what they want. Each Psychic communicates differently with the animals.

Lisa Greene communicates telepathically in pictures, thoughts, feelings and worlds with all species of animals, both living and in spirit. She has been featured in several television shows and newspapers. She was voted Houston’s best pet psychic.

Sonya Fitzpatrick has the distinction of being the most experienced animal communicator. Her popular call-in radio show Animal Intuition on Sirius-XM on Sundays has thousands of people calling in to discuss their animal issues. She offers private consultations to people who wish to have a better relationship of their pets and even helps them make their spaces more pet-friendly. She has written successful books like “There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven,” “The Pet Psychic: What the Animals Tell me and “Cat Talk: The Secrets of Communicating with Your Cat.”

Joanne Hull is one of the most trusted and respected Pet Psychics and Spiritual Teachers in the UK. She connects to the animal through energy and can do online readings too. She is an Internationally renowned Author, Teacher, Speaker, Monthly Columnist for SPIRIT & DESTINY magazine and TV Personality. She helped thousands of people around the world connect and communicate with pets that are living as well as those that have passed to spirit. Joanne has a unique perspective to her Psychic gift, and prefers not to call it a gift, as she believes that animal communication can be learned by anyone.

Pet Psychics can help you speak to your pets and get answers to questions that may be bothering you.

Questions a Pet Psychic can answer

#1 What Is The Reason For The Behavioral Problems?

cat-245367_640This is the single most important question all pet owners have in mind. In spite of your efforts to keep your pets happy and comfortable, you have no clue if you have been successful. If you are wondering what your pet is thinking and why your dog has been glum or misbehaving, a Pet Psychic can answer that question for you.

In order to get the most accurate answer related to your pet’s happiness, you will be expected to give as much information about your pet as possible, including the breed, color, age, name etc.

The Pet Psychic will connect with your pet and pick up a sense of jealousy, unhappiness, illness, loneliness or any other problem your pet may be facing. They will also relay to you what your pet thinks it needs to change the behavior.

#2 Does Your Pet Feel At Home With You?

This is a general question but an important one. A pet psychic can help you answer your question of how your pet generally feels being with you. Does he feel secure and safe? Does he consider your place his home? Does he like the food you feed him? Does he like the kids’ behavior towards him?

You will be told whether your pet feels you are his mom or dad, and whether he feels loved. Your Psychic will also communicate to you what your pet thinks can make him happier.

#3 Does Your Pet Have Any Discomfort or Pain?

This is related to medical/health issues. While Pet Psychics/Animal Communicators do not claim to treat medical issues, offer medical advice or prescribe medications; they say they can communicate with the animals and get to know how the pet is feeling, what makes him feel better, what makes him feel worse, if there is any discomfort or pain, what the intensity of the discomfort or pain is.

This information is pure gold for a pet owner, and can help in making decisions about the care of a pet.

#4 How Does Your Pet Feel About The New Baby Or The New Pet In The Household?

We know that pets are just like kids. They take time adjusting to a new pet or baby, and they experience feelings of jealousy and insecurity.

Your Pet Psychic will connect with your pet and let you know if your pet is happy with the new addition to your family. Does he feel neglected or does he want to be more involved. This will ensure that your pet is not experiencing anything akin to “sibling rivalry.”

#5 How Was The Transition To The “Other Side?”

Haven’t we all lost our beloved pets, only to wonder where they are now? The pain from the loss of a pet lingers in our hearts and just the thought of it continues to bring tears to the eyes; more so if the death was unnatural.

Some pet psychics act as mediums to communicate with the spirits of deceased animals. Many say that this process works the same way it does with living animals. They tap into the energy and find out what exactly the animal felt when dying. Did he suffer or was he aware that he was dying? They will talk about the transition and how their pet is doing now.


The role of animal communicators is not to “fix” issues. They are just interpreters between you and your animal, and bring the animal’s perspective to you. They gather information, and provide you with the resources and tools that can be used to address all pet-related issues. Most of them don’t need to be in the same room as the animal. They say that each animal has their own unique energy that makes it possible to have a two-way communication intuitively. This is the reason all the well-known Pet Psychics have clients from all over the world and are able to take up sessions online too.

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