Have you been seeing this number of late? When going to the grocery and you find your receipt number labeled 888; or it may be your new license plates. The number seems to be everywhere you go, it could be that the angels are trying to send you a message.

Numerology – the study of number- has been with us for many centuries. Angels are celestial beings who are always with us. They usually send us messages when we really need them and we have to carefully beware of our environment so that we can decipher what they are saying.

Each number carries with it a different energy force. The moment you see a triple number know that its meaning has been magnified. Before we go into what the number 888 means we will first decipher the meaning of the number 8.

Number 8 meaning

The number 8 is a number of prosperity and abundance. If you look at the number 8 well you will realize that it represents infinity. This means you have unlimited resources within your grasp. A closer look at number 8 will reveal that it is two circles stacked together. The upper part is your connection to the spiritual realm while the bottom circle is your connection to the physical world. Put together we can interpret number 8 to mean that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience here on earth.

The number 8 is a sign from the angels that you need to tap into the spiritual realm to access unlimited resources which you can use on the physical realm. The number 8 represents a lot of power and you will need to tap that power for the common good. Do not be afraid of power or been called greedy just align it with your life purpose.

Angel Number 888

When you sum up the numbers 888 you get 24 which when you add up the digits gives you 6. You will notice that the sum of numbers has almost all even numbers. The even numbers represent balance; your mind, body and spirit are working together for your good.

The number 8 requires one to be very bold in whatever you do. Do not be afraid of the power but use it for the common good. You will need to be aligned with your life purpose and use your gifts for the benefit of mankind; do not be selfish. A GOOD psychic can help you uncover this purpose in just one or a few sessions.

The number 8 reminds us of the potential that lies with us. Most people leave this world without fully realizing their potential. Fear keeps most people from moving forward.

When you begin seeing the number 8 a lot it may be time to realign yourself with your talents. Your talents are your gateway to achieving your true potential. You will need to get in touch with your true self so that you can align yourself with your childhood dreams.

You will need to be very observant on the frequency of the number appearing. Seek help from your angels and they will give you guidance on what to do next.

Number 888 and finances

You are connected to infinite power and this could be your chance to make it big in the financial world. You can make plans in the stock market or bet big in real estate. The angels are telling you that all your efforts are going to pay off. For you to strike it big focus on your hidden potential. Forget your past and move out of your comfort zone. Unlimited resources mean that you can try a lot of things and succeed in them.

You are connected to the universe where you can tap to infinite power. There is however responsibility that comes with unlimited resources. You will have to use your wealth for the common good. Do not fear power but embrace it. Follow what is in your heart and ask your angels for assistance whenever you face difficulty.

Each of us has spiritual gifts that we need to use while on this earth. We are to use our talents to fulfill our purpose here on earth.

Number 888 and love

The individual numbers that you get when you add up the number 888 are usually even numbers. They usually represent balance and harmony. You will need to balance between spiritual and physical needs. There should also be harmony between your soul, mind and spirit. When you find this harmony you can search for fruitful relationships.

This is an ideal time to seek romantic love because your angels are with you and have provided you with unlimited resources. Try to connect with your partner on a both a spiritual and physical way. Ask for the angels guidance in choosing the right person for you.


The number 8 is very powerful and represents infinity. It offers to those who seek it a lot of financial rewards. If you are constantly seeing it, it is a sign that you journey towards financial success is coming to an end and you are soon going to see results. You will need to make maximum use of your spiritual gifts and use them for the common good. Power is usually associated with greed and many people fear it. You will need to use it for the common good to prevent it from corrupting you. The number 888 requires one to do a lot of soul searching and to clearly know what your life purpose is. If not sure always ask your angel.

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