The number 12 is very symbolic in religious cycles. In Christianity we have 12 disciples, we have 12 months in a year and we also have 12 days of Christmas. When you repeatedly see a number in your dreams, when shopping, your bank account balance; you should not ignore it because angels maybe trying to communicate with you.

Numbers carry lot significance and they should not be ignored if they constantly appear around us. Angels are guiding and protecting us and they use numbers when we are about to embark into an important spiritual journey. By using numbers the angels are assuring us of their protection and the fact that they have answered our prayers.

Meaning of angel number 1212

The number 1212 consists of two very significant numbers; one and two. The number one symbolizes the beginning of a journey or a season. It also symbolizes the realization of your dreams and goals. The number 2 on the other hand is about balance and intuition. Think of it this way, when you are climbing stair you usually count one, two, one two. This is the same way you will accomplish you dreams, step by step.

The number 1 is also associated with spiritual awakening. Man consists of mind, body and spirit. You may have been taking care of your mind at the expense of your body and spirit. The number two requires harmony and requires you to balance all three. There should be unity and if you have been ignoring any of them it is time to find that balance. If it is the body then this is the time to start eating healthy foods and exercising on a daily basis. To nourish the mind you will need to switch off the television and focus on books that have a positive impact on your life. The spirit can be nourished through meditation and prayer. You can try various meditation practices like yoga which seek to bring harmony within your spirit.

The number 1212 therefore stands for spiritual awakening and the beginning of a new and exciting journey. This is the time when you start realizing your dreams. It is advisable to always carry a pen and paper so that you can write any enlightenment that you receive during this period. This is also a period of extreme optimism and creativity.

The angels are sending you a message that you take a positive outlook in regard to your life. Your prayers have been answered but you need to be proactive and take action. This is a great time to set your lifetime goals and align yourself with your life purpose. There will be a lot of new opportunities that you will need to take advantage of. To succeed during this period make good use of your natural talents and seek spiritual guidance if you find yourself stuck in the process.

The number 12 is amplified because it appears twice; this is an indication of the intensity around the number. You will need to be more aware of your immediate environment so as to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

Application in regards to finances

Your path is full of opportunities that promise a handsome reward. You will need to let go of the past and embrace new beginnings. The number 1 is associated with creativity; you will need to believe in the power of your dreams and realize you have the power to make them come true. The angels are watching your every move and are there to provide assistance. New beginnings may require you to move to a new town or change jobs. Take risks because it will pay off eventually.

Application in regards to love

This is the right time to forge new alliances. New opportunities present themselves in your life and it is your responsibility to take advantage of them. The number 2 is about balance and harmony as you seek diplomacy in your relationships new avenues may present themselves for romantic relationships. But, you will need to let go of your past and get rid of any toxic relationships that keep you from moving forward.

For you to find love you will need to step out of your comfort zone. Forgive those who have hurt you and let go of any lingering hurtful feelings. This is the time to change your outlook on life and feel your mind with positive thoughts. People will notice this positive energy and will try to connect with you. Go out on blind dates and do not be fearful of interacting with new people. This is your time to find romantic love.


The number 1212 oozes with a lot optimism and it is a sure way of having a fresh beginning. If you are seeing this number everywhere then realize that the angels are telling you that new opportunities are in the horizon. You will need to seek wisdom from within and remain true to your inner self. The path that you are about to take can be scary but take comfort in that your angels are watching your steps. Find your talents and use them to fulfill your life purpose. Number 1212 is also a sign that you need to have balance between your spirit, body and mind. All have to work in harmony if you are to succeed in your life purpose. Move out of your comfort zone and learn how to conquer your fears.



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