A Ouija board is often used as a parlour game, and ridiculed in books and horror movies. Even Hasbro, the children’s game specialist, makes a toy board. With children encouraged to try the Ouija, surely it’s just hocus-pocus that we can laugh at and dismiss? Not necessarily. Some see it as a legitimate method of contacting the dead and asking them questions. The internet is full of ouija board horror stories stories of those brave enough, or stupid enough, to try the Ouija board. Not all end well, and many end up wishing they had not tried.

What’s the Ouija Board?

The Ouija board was named after the two words: the French ‘Oui’ and the German ‘Ja’. It’s also known as a talking board, or a spirit board, and has been used for centuries in different forms, with some in museums dating back to 500 BC.

A board can come in many designs, but at the very least, it must be inscribed with;

• The alphabet and numbers 1 to 10 in order for the spirit to communicate.

• The words Yes and No, for easy communication

• A sun and a moon symbol, because these indicate whether you are talking to a good or bad spirit. The sun indicates a good spirit, the moon a bad one.

• The word ‘goodbye’ is the last thing on the board, found at the bottom. This exists so you can close your session. Make sure you use it!

• A planchette or pointer is needed. Those attempting the ouija should all lightly place their finger on it.

How to use the Ouija Board

broken soul figuresYou will need patience if you want to try the Ouija board, because answers come letter by letter until a word appears.At least two people should work together for safety, and you should always ask to communicate with good spirits. It’s helpful if a third person can write down the letters spelled out, so you can keep track of what is being said.If obscene messages are received, or if anyone starts feeling uncomfortable, you should stop. Make sure you leave the planchette at the ‘goodbye’ position, to close the session, and thank any good spirits that have spoken to you.

The most scary ouija board stories

“Drunken Hen Party”

This story involves a drunken hen party, which ends up in a graveyard after a night of dancing and fun. When the ladies decide to use the Ouija board to ask whether their relative Cindy will have a boy or a girl, the fun soon stops. When Cindy asks ’What will my baby be?’ the answer they receive is not what they expected. Is the Ouija always right? Read on to find out.

“The Priest warned you!”

After their priest warns them not to play with the Ouija, two girls take pity on a friend who has lost her sister in a van collision. They decide to use the board one more time despite the warning, and when their friend asks the board for help, her dead sister responds in a terrifying way. A real scary ouija board story!

“Seven Bodies”

The Ouija spells out ‘seven bodies in an apartment’ and then an ancient Japanese spirit possesses one of the friends. The game gets wildly out of hand when the spirit attacks. Will anyone get hurt by the spirit of Ankarak? Do spirits that ancient still visit us?

“That is no child’s play!”

Two boys play around with a Ouija board for fun, and get a forceful warning. When they dispose of the board it returns – what is happening? Are the spirits angry, and have they opened a channel that can’t be closed?

“Just a regular date night…”

A couple get together for a movie date, and decide to use a Ouija board. After a frightening experience with a bad spirit they stop, but has the spirit left? He said he had come for the girl. Can she keep herself safe, or has the evil spirit been let loose?

“It’s all fun and games until…”

This story really highlights the dangers of playing with a Ouija board for fun. A group of friends summon a spirit, and ask if it could posses them, and after saying yes, it destroys a crucifix. They stop the game, but has the spirit really gone away? Can you ask such things of a spirit in jest, and expect no consequences?

“Party hard?”

A group of friends set up a Ouija board experience at a party, obeying all the rules about politeness and working as a group. The spirit they summon wants to speak to their friend Missy alone, and when they refuse him, he becomes angry. Can a Ouija board spirit leave the board and attack people? Can they physically hurt us? Read on to hear the true story.


The ouija board should not be toyed with as you can tell by reading these scary stories about seances gone wrong. It is still a respectable tool to talk to the dead. You have to take precautions though. Always smudge the room before you start a seance, set a clear intent and allow nothing but love to fill you heart. It is also a good idea to use the ouija board in a natural setting and let the trees protect you. A risk free way of communicating with the dead is booking a session with a professional psychic medium.

Picture by Moyan_Brenn, edited by me CC-BY-2.0 – thank you for that creepy picture 🙂

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