The once voiceless grave now speaks to us with myriad tongues in different ways. The marvelous manifestations of occult power that have been happening over the entire period of human history have now become a common occurrence. There are many that indulge in the phenomena of spirit intercourse. To millions of homes they bring happiness of communion with the “so-called” dead. You may not be able to spot them in a crowd. They look just like everyone else. Their special abilities come through only when they display their gift in bringing your loved ones back to you.

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In a world where the word “psychics” is shrouded in mystery, deception and skepticism, the following are some world-renowned and well-trusted “Psychic Mediums,” who have devoted years to the phenomena that is known as Psychical or Spiritualistic.This is not meant to be an ode to these psychics; it only brings you information about their services and their background as the world knows it. The decision to trust them or not is yours to make.

George Anderson

“No One You Are Close To Ever Dies!”

These beautiful and touching words were uttered by the man that authored, “We Don’t Die,” an International best seller. His other books include “Lessons From The Light, Walking in the Garden of Souls” and “Our Children Forever.” One of the most publicly tested psychic mediums in history; George Anderson’s ability to interact with the living consciousness of the deceased has been documented as evidence in several radio, television and private psychic readings.
While his place of birth and age remain a mystery and he cannot predict the future or uncover personal information about people; George is known as one of the country’s top Psychic Mediums.

According to him, he gained the special power to “whisper” to the souls from the age of six. The story goes that it all started after he has seen St. Joan of Arc, who detailed him on his new journey.

George is one of the first psychics to appear weekly in a television series. Psychic Channels had a major impact on the way mediumship was perceived. It is
through numerous national television talk shows like HBO’s Life Afterlife, Lifetime’s Beyond Chance, CBS News’ 48 Hours etc., magazines and newspapers that he managed to create a nation-wide interest in mediumship. He was also the first to receive permission to appear in his own special on network primetime television; “Contact: Talking To The Dead!” George currently works in the United States providing Mediumship services through private appointments, and conducting lectures and seminars. His name is familiar to the people of Europe, Asia and South Africa, where there is a huge demand for his services. He has the distinction of being the only living medium to be invited to Holland by the Holocaust surviving family of Anne Frank.

John Edward

“You’ve Got Blue All Around You,” a five-year old boy tells his elementary school teacher.

Little did he know that the blue he sees is an “aura” – that his obsession with television shows such as “I Dream of Jeannie” mean something – that spelling out words like “mahogany” and “machine” even before he could read are a manifestation of things to come. From knowing things he shouldn’t have known to growing up to be a gifted Medium, John Edward is an internationally acclaimed Psychic Medium who helps heal the grief-stricken and promises them a world – where loved ones never go away from you.

Job Edward McGee was born on October 19, 1969 in Glen Cove, New York. He had a Roman Catholic upbringing and he now calls himself a “recovering Catholic,” as he doesn’t follow the traditional teachings of the Church. He worked as a dancing instructor and phlebotomist before becoming a professional Psychic Medium. He is married and has two children.

He is known around the world for his ability to foretell events and communicate with the deceased. He has appeared on national television and several talk shows including Larry King Live. He was the producer and host of the show Crossing Over with John Edward which was broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel in the US and on Living TV in the UK from 1999 to 2004. During the show, he gave readings to the audience. Another show John Edward Cross Country has received a great deal of attention too.

There have been critiques surrounding his work and he is criticized for doing hot and cold readings, where the psychic uses prior knowledge or general guesses to create the impression of psychic ability. Another controversy was that his accuracy on television is inflated by the editing process. But Edward has denied all these allegations and continues to draw attention from people seeking his services as a psychic medium. He says that he doesn’t feel the need to defend himself too fervently.

Robert Hansen

“Love Letters To The Living” is what he calls communication of the deceased to the living.

He is different from other Psychic Mediums, as his gift of “connecting with the other side” awakened only in his 40s. Famous as the host of TLC’s show, “Paranormal Court,” Robert E. Hansen is a well-known Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor. Critics believe that all he does on the show is “press emotional buttons” as opposed to actually helping people. But the show has managed to garner huge interest from believers and skeptics alike.

He has made a name for himself for his gift of Psychic Mediumship that allows him to “see, hear and feel” specific information and messages from those who have passed on. He is specifically known for his humor, love and compassion when approaching his clients. He spends time and goes the extra mile in leading people towards inner peace and healing.

While his realization and connection with the spirits began late in life, according to him, he was always able to “read” the feelings of people as a child. He is a practicing Catholic.

As a youngster, Hansen studied Yoga, Meditation, Eastern Philosophy and Martial Arts. With a 7th Degree Black Belt in Ju Jitsu, he is also a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He was an athletic coach on Long Island for 20 years, after which he founded “The Silent Flute Self Defense Center, his own martial arts school. Several awards and four children later, Hansen is now a tested and approved Psychic Medium and author of “The Afterlife Experiments” and HBO Special by the same name.

He enjoys working with children and he worked with the “Parents of Murdered Children” in the past, and is now certified by the “Forever Family Foundation.”

Robert Hansen lives in New York and conducts workshops, seminars and gives special appearances throughout NY. He is also available for group and private consultations.

Laura Stinchfield

Fur and feathers is the domain of Laura Stinchfield, an internationally known professional Pet Psychic, who is known for her ability to telepathically communicate with animals. Her unique perspective of afterlife is that a part of us can be with our loved ones in heaven and deceased animals interact with our “higher self” even in afterlife, which keeps them happy.

Laura has trained under Carol Gurney, an animal communication pioneer as well as with the founders of T-Touch for animals, Linda Tellington-Jones and Robyn Hood. For more than 15 years, she has been helping animal owners, trainers, rescue groups, celebrities, and veterinarians deal with their animals’ behavioral, emotional and physical issues. She is known among her clients as a loving and joyful person by nature.

Having grown up on a 14-acre hunter and jumper farm in a small town in upper Westchester County, New York; Laura says that she has always felt that she possessed special psychic gifts and ability to communicate with animals.

She is also a people medium and hundreds of people have used her services to connect with their loved ones.

An avid writer, Laura is a columnist for the Santa Barbara Independent and Ojai Valley News. She has been featured in several media news reports including the LA Times and ABC’s Good Morning Texas. She is also working on a young adult novel that revolves around the adventures of a teenage girl who recognizes the special gift of animal communication. As one of the hosts of “All Paws Pet Talk Show,” Laura has plans to start her own television series. She lives in California.

Master Psychic Rachel

Known as the “boldest psychic on the Internet,” Master Psychic Rachel is one of the well-known psychic counselors/mediums. She says that she has always believed she has a gift of helping people since childhood, and she has been doing crystal ball and tarot card readings professionally for more than 17 years.

Rachel has the ability to reveal the past, present and future with boldness and honesty that may border on bluntness. She has many clients from all over the world.

Rachel started this work in 1979. She is a Certified Professional Intuitive Consultant, Teacher and Energy Healer. She also has certifications in Light Healing and Angel Therapy.

The title of “Master Psychic” is self-inferred and many have raised their doubts over it. However, she continues to call herself that and hr clients continue to consult her on an on-going basis.

Psychic Nikki

Known as a psychic to the stars, Nikki releases predictions each year. She is an audient clairvoyant – who is said to possess the ability to see and hear, as well as come up with the finer details. Her father is said to have this gift too.

She has made a name for herself in different parts of the world, and her elite clientele include politicians, movie and sports stars, other celebrities as well as business people from around the world.

Nikki has hosted and been part of many radio shows, including The Edge and The Dean Blundell Show. She has been the guest on several TV shows including CHCH Television Ontario; Love Trap – Cosmo Television; ETalk Daily – CTV; Much More Music etc. She was the resident psychic on Rogers Daytime TV.

As far as her ability to predict events, according to news reports, some past predictions that have come true are the death of Benazir Bhutto – 102.1 The Edge; the plane crashing into the Hudson River on Dec 16, 2008 – 102.1 The Edge (Dean Blundell Show). But there is a huge list of predictions that were way off the mark, leading to skeptics labeling her as a fraud.


While fortune tellers and crystal gazers have diminished in volume, there are still plenty of psychic mediums around, who have hoards of people seeking direction and advice. Some may think it’s a ruse, but for believers, speaking with spirits is very real. Thousands of people have their own stories to tell of how they managed to communicate with their loved ones who have passed away. Believer or skeptic, one has to accept that psychic mediums are here to stay for a long time to come. It all boils down to having satisfied clients.

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