There are many ways to tell your future. The most common are consulting a psychic, using the Tarot, reading your horoscope, and even crystal gazing. However, throughout the ages people have tried all manner of ways to get a glimpse into their future life. Some of the techniques you may find a little odd, but in order to understand them you need to try to imagine a time when science was not so evolved, and the answers to medical or environmental questions were not answered. Here are five unusual ways amongst the many that have been used to predict the future.

Fortune telling with Apples

apple peelsAn old English practice is to peel an apple at night, preferably in the light of a full moon. The peel should be one whole length, so if you break it, you’ll need to start again. Once you’ve peeled, you chant – Spirits, all-knowing, may thee reveal, my true love’s initials, by shape of this peel. Turn around three times, and throw the peel over your left shoulder. Then it is down to you to decipher which initial the peel spells out, because those initials are your future spouse’s. It was considered bad luck if the peel broke on landing, because this foretold a loveless marriage, or no marriage. If you carried on with the spell and ate the remaining apple in front of a mirror, the face of your future spouse would appear – but only by candlelight!


Scapulimancy or ‘bone reading’ is the art of telling an individual’s future by the shadows, fissures and marks found on the shoulder blades. For example, after roasting meat, ancient soothsayers would read the shoulder bones of the ox or lamb. More recently, in the Renaissance and onwards, the shoulder blades were boiled. A clear shoulder blade was an excellent portent to the individual’s future, whilst marks all had their different meanings. Although it was preferable that the animal had been sacrificed properly, it was not necessary, The Naskapi Indians still utilise this practice when roasting a caribou – the cracks in the bones will dictate where and when they next hunt.


Fortune-telling based on reading, you’ve guessed it, urine. Urine has been used for centuries for all kinds of magical purposes. People used to believe that the liquid held great secrets because it had travelled through the human body, which was not fully understood. The key was to read the bubbles. If they were small and clustered, then this was not good news. It foretold sickness and unhappiness. Conversely, large bubbles indicated health and good fortune. It’s said that this form of fortune-telling morphed into the medical practice of examining urine for disease. Who knows, perhaps fortune-tellers were really diagnosing medical complaints and the likely outcome of sickness and death, which was especially prevalent without the antibiotics of the modern world.


This method involved reading the entrails and organs of sacrificed animals. Whoever sacrificed the animal had their future mapped out in the liver, heart and kidneys. The practice has been traced as far back as the Babylonians, and was used by Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. It’s use has been widely understood and is even found in Shakespeare’s tale Julius Caesar whereby he was warned by a haruspex to beware the Ides of March – the day on which he was murdered.


This is the practice of reading the future with onions. An onion may seem a common-place vegetable to place so much faith in, but in ancient times the onion was revered due to the fact that it grows in rings – the circle being an ‘eternal’ symbol associated with witchcraft and divination. This is something that modern day ‘occultists’ seem to have forgotten in their haste to draw upon more glamorous interpretations. This form of divination was used a great deal in rural areas, and on occasion decided the fate of a prisoner.

It’s said that if you were experiencing separation from a loved one, then you should write their name on an onion, and then place it on an alter. If it sprouted, then this person was doing well. The speed of the sprouting would also indicate whether they were very well, or just OK – so a quickly sprouting onion indicated excellent health and happiness. If the onion failed to sprout at all, then it was not good news. It didn‘t necessarily indicate death, but that they were suffering from some form of illness or unhappiness. Onions were also used to predict the future in terms of decision-making. An unsure individual would write alternative answers on onions, which were then planted. Whichever grew first was the best answer to the question so, for example, if a woman was choosing between two potential husbands, or if a decision about embarking on a journey was required, then it would be solved by whichever onion sprouted first.

Final Words

I hope you found this interesting. There are many ways to the truth and these are all valid techniques. Success highly depends on the person who is performing these rituals! Moore fortune telling methods on

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