There’s nothing like a new baby, you wait years to finally be ready. Looking at other women with their bundles of joy—oh when will I have a one of my own!?! And then, when that time comes, no matter how long you have waited and primed, you still feel overwhelmed and unprepared. In short there are 3 basic categories to every pregnancy: trying to conceive, physically being pregnant, and then the delivery. At any step of the way things can go wrong, worries can arise, and encountered are questions your doctor can’t answer. Therefore, it’s no wonder why so many women turn to baby psychics when trying to work their way through the ropes.

What to expect when you’re expecting ?

Couples trying to conceive, and women who are already pregnant or have given birth, commonly peruse a baby psychic. Different psychics are blessed with different abilities, and therefore some might be better able to read newborns, while others succeed at reading your child straight from within the womb. Baby psychics are not only intuitive individuals, but they are also baby experts—having worked with so many blossoming families they have tremendous insider knowledge about infancy, pregnancy, and what to expect when you’re expecting.

Here are 5 things any reputable baby psychic can help you out with

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1. Know Your Exact Delivery Date With a Baby Psychic
Your doctor is going to give you a delivery date based off of the average 9 month long pregnancy duration, although every body, woman, and baby is different and practically no one is pregnant for 9 months exactly down to the calendar date. A psychic can give you clarification beyond science. Of course you want to keep the date your doctor provided on the calendar too, but if it turns out that your psychic is correct about the date, than you have found someone very in tuned with your body and baby.

2. Learn More About Your Baby Inside & Out With a Baby Psychic
Even when your baby is still sheltered deep inside your tummy he or she is a developing personality that will react to the world in unique ways. While you might have a gut feeling about who your baby already is, sometimes it’s fun and exciting to have a psychic tell you more about your blooming bundle of joy, like all of the potential they will be born with! If your baby is a newborn, a baby psychic can pick apart their infant auras and describe the type of energy they bring into the world. Some psychics are interested in past lives and pick up on these things; therefore they might be able to tell you where your baby’s spirit has been before. For the worried mom concerned that her child might have undiscovered health issues, a baby psychic with a special emphasis on medicine and healing is best to ease your fears.

3. Trying To Conceive? A Baby Psychic Can Help!
When you want a baby you try everything to make it happen. You chart your menstrual cycles, double down on fertility treatments, and pray endlessly. Some baby psychics are specialists in helping women get pregnant, in fact they can even tell you what days you are most fertile. Other psychics will be able to get in touch with the spirit of your future baby, being able to come into contact with him or her can help build hope in those that feel hope is dwindling. Perhaps you could use guidance about what fertility treatments to use to illicit success in your path to pregnancy. Treatments are not cheap and many come with risks, having guidance over what to select first can help you skip unnecessary treatments. Miscarriages and endless treatments can be devastating to say the least, plus some doctors are so cold and calculated about everything that it doesn’t seem to help. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who really understands on a more compassionate level. Not everyone is able to conceive and although this is a difficult realization, a psychic can help you understand the bigger answer behind what just feels like bad luck, perhaps something is waiting for you to find it, something that will open your eyes, brighten your world, and change your life.

4. Start Planning For Your Baby’s Future
Some children naturally need more discipline than others, for instance some do well in school without being pushed, while others slack off without constant pressure. Knowing ahead of time what sort of personality to expect can help you better raise your baby for a successful future. If you know that your bundle of joy will have a temper, you can recognize it as soon as it manifests and be prepared for it. Perhaps you will have even read books about parenting an angry child in preparation and are thus able to nip the temper early in life, before any problems get out of hand. Although you must beware of the self-fulfilling-prophesy—if you think your child is angry, and treat them like they are angry, they might just become angry because that’s what you think, and ultimately expect, of them. In order to avoid this scenario, be prepared for whatever the psychic says but do not assume anything until you see it first-hand. You don’t want to take everything your psychic says as gospel, instead realize that even the best psychics can be misguided, and so you want to wait out and see if your child displays a temper before treating them as if they have one.

5. A Baby Psychic Can Ease Your Mind
Anxiety can quickly find any pregnant woman. Sometimes you just ‘feel’ like something might not be right, when really (according to your doctor) all is well. In these cases a psychic can help you understand why you are feeling uneasy and tell you a bit about your baby and what’s going on spiritually in the womb to make you feel more at ease about everything. Not only will this calming effect be good for you, but it will also be good for the baby.

I hope this article has helped you learn more about baby psychics. I’m wishing you a beautiful pregnancy!


Picture by Frank de Kleine
Edited by me
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